I am an Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner! What does that mean? It means I  serve as an instrument, like a bridge, between the two worlds- our world and the spirit realm! I offer many different types of services from Intuitive Guidance Sessions, Energy Healing, Mediumship sessions as well as Intuitive coaching for children, teens and adults!
-Amanda Rae Hill

Intuitive Guidance and Clarity!

Online and In Person Appointments Available

Free Flow

Free flow is 30 minutes guided by Spirit! This is a perfect chance to hear messages of love, guidance, healing and support that your team has for you! When it comes to spirit, anything is possible! If you don’t have a specific question but would love to hear what your spirit team has for you, then let’s go with the flow and enter a space of receiving! I will share what it is they want you to know most at this time!

Soul Spark

This 30 minute session gets directly to the subject you’re inquiring about. It’s the perfect solution if you have one or two questions that you would like clarity on. We will connect to what’s outside your awareness, helping you to gain the clarity and confidence you are looking for. These sessions are uplifting, inspiring and fun!

Soul Expansion

This 60 minute session dives deeper providing you with more clarity, peace and inspiration! Often a blend of channeled messages, soul guidance and spiritual knowledge- all in which will be led by Spirit to provide the clarity, healing, support, and inspiration that you need most at this time. Be prepared to take a few notes because spirit often delivers some inspiring words of wisdom!

Mediumship Session

I am a multidimensional medium- which means I am able to connect with loved ones in spirit who have crossed, as well as your personal spirit guides on your spirit team. I work as a bridge, gently connecting you with spirit to provide you messages of love, healing and clarity. 

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Energy Healing & Body Work

Online and In Person Appointments Available

Distant Energy Healing

Relax and receive treatment from the comfort of your home! Our session will be held over Zoom, allowing us to communicate as I work to balance and restore your body’s energetic field. 

In Person Energy Healing

Relax and receive an in person energy healing with me at my office location. This appointment is the same as my distant energy session, except we get to meet in person! 

Energy Healing Report

Receive without participating during the healing session! This session is excellent for those who are limited on time, access to internet, etc. I will take notes as I work and send my findings to you in a report via recorded video or written email.

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Private Coaching Sessions

Online and In Person Appointments Available

Strengthen your own intuition, mediumship or psychic abilities

Intuitive coaching sessions are custom created just for you! Where we start all depends on your current level of spiritual knowledge, understanding of your own unique abilities and your commitment to your own spiritual growth! That’s why I like to meet you first on a short consultation call before we decide if you need a coaching package or just a single session to help you get clarity on something specific! 

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Hey there!

I see you. I know what you are going through, and most likely what you are thinking. Not because I’m psychic but because I have been there, too. 

You have nothing to fear.

The same God that created the heavens and the earth, created you, too. In his image. He created you perfectly as he saw fit. He gave you those gifts- on purpose- with purpose! 

Your abilities were created out of love.

Now it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do with them! Because.. free will, right?!

 Here’s just a few examples- how many have you experienced?

  • I have experienced the paranormal as a child, teen and/or as an adult.
  • I can feel, hear, or see the spiritual realm. 
  • I have an unexplainable knowing about things that I have no prior knowledge about.
  • I have experienced Premonition Dreams. (dreams that come true)
  • I have seen or heard Angels and/or past loved ones. 
  • I have had a near death experience and now know I am here to accomplish something more.. but I am not sure exactly what.
The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. I believe you can only do this when you stop long enough to hear the whisper you might have drowned out, that small voice compelling you toward the kind of work you’d be willing to do even if you weren’t paid. And what do you do once you turn down the noise of your life and heed that call? You face the biggest challenge of all: to have the courage to seek your big dream regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. You are the only person alive who can see your big picture and even you can’t see it all.  

– Oprah Winfrey