When Spirit Speaks

When Spirit Speaks

By Amanda Rae

When Spirit calls an impromptu meeting, do you go? What do you do if it "doesn't fit" into your schedule? Here's what I learned one morning when I was called to a meeting, and why I am thankful that I went!

This mornings walk was not exactly what I had planned, but I really felt the need to go. RIGHT THEN. So I quickly got dressed before I ran out of time.

As I laced up my shoes, I decided it would be a beautiful morning to take some pictures of the fall leaves. That made me feel better about making a risky choice- time was limited! As I got to my favorite spot on the path, I was literally blinded by the sun. It was in that moment that I realized God had brought me out to this point for this very second.

Sometimes our own plans aren’t what is best for us. Only Creator can create the perfect plan. Instead of taking pictures of the fall leaves from the “perfect” spot, all I could see is the sun. I stopped for a second, shielding my eyes from the brightness.

In that moment I was reminded that sometimes our focus is misguided. We don’t know it but we settle for less then what we are trying to be shown. Spirit will get our attention.


The reason for the impromptu early morning walk was not to get pictures, although I eventually did get them. But rather a symbolic reminder that  we can move forward, trusting that even if we can’t see our path, amazing things that are for us are on the other side of that trust.  It’s up to us to pay closer attention so we can hear when Spirit speaks.

As I walked back home quickly to prepare for my scheduled online event that I no way would have worked out beforehand- I flipped through the pictures that I took. I was so thankful that I had that moment. Each pic included the sun, the big, bright, illuminating sun that blinded me earlier, except it was there softly peaking through the leaves. It was It was a reminder that we are supported in everything we do. And when we need more support but feel like we need to carry it on our own, God will step in like that big bright sun and help us get refocused on what truly matters.

And remember to seek guidance of spirit in everything that you do.

Love, Amanda Rae

Here's a few pictures I took! I love how the sun shines through each one!

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