By Amanda Rae

Before we get into it, I want you to set aside all of the spooky scary religious and Hollywood ideals that breed fear with horned demons and all that other jazz. We aren’t going there, no need to panic!!
Like with everything I blog about, I want you to take only what resonates for you and simply leave the rest. This particular topic may be a new concept to some, others may have experienced it unbeknownst to them at the time, and some may have an “ah-ha” moment, leading them to take action today!
Regardless of where you find yourself, I just ask that you proceed with an open mind, knowing that Spirit will reveal exactly what you need to know when the moment is right.
So- let’s get to it, shall we?

What is a Psychic Attack?

A spiritual or psychic attack is when someone intentionally sends negative energy your way. All that’s really required is for someone to think negative thoughts or wish you ill for that energy to affect you – it’s the force and intent behind that energy that determines how powerful it is.  For example, a person that has a strong negative feelings towards another person may actually send out energy to the person whom they feel that way toward.  Extreme jealousy is an excellent example of intense energy that has a harmful nature that could easily be sent whether the sender knows it or not!  

People who unknowingly send psychic attacks usually don’t know how to process their emotions whenever they feel hurt by someone, so they wish a world of hurt on that person in return and don’t always mean it.

This isn’t to say that psychic attacks can’t be willingly sent – they certainly can, and people that are spiritually experienced can create them easily. However, I personally do not practice that, so I will leave it at that. 

The more sensitive you are to energy, the more you will be able to pick up on or feel this happening.

I’ve been a victim of a psychic attack myself and it took me a while to fully understand what was going on. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to identify and protect myself, and I’m going to show you how you can too! 

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack:

  • Not feeling like yourself
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Foggy thinking, forgetful
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Night terrors/ nightmares
  • Changes in sleeping habits or quality of sleep
  • Irrational moods, feelings, fears and/or worries 
  • The feeling of a “dark cloud” around you
  • Extreme loss of energy that has no obvious cause
  • Intense physical pain in one specific area that suddenly appears for no apparent reason
  • Intense fatigue or depression that suddenly appears for no apparent reason
  • An eerie or creepy feeling that you’re being watched or not alone
  • Experiencing frequent hardships/mishaps/accidents/setbacks
  • New or sudden thoughts of suicide 

*These are just a few symptoms, if you are experiencing some of these and have checked with your primary care physician, I recommend finding and working with an energy healer that can help. I shared my link at the end of this post if you would like to book a session. Energy is non local and does not need to be done in person in order to be highly effective! 

Here’s what to avoid if you suspect you’re being hit with a Psychic Attack:

  • Connecting to your fear
  • Thinking that you’re cursed
  • Acting as a victim, powerless, or a weak person
  • Trying to figure out who or what “did” this to you
  • Judging or fearing that they’re omnipotent, omnipresent 
  • Thinking that you have to hide from it
  • Brainstorm ways to counter-attack, or destroy them
  • Dwelling on the “who” or “what” that “did” this to you
  • Blaming someone or something for your experience
  • Participating in thoughts that fuel anger, distrust, etc

Why do you need to avoid these things?

Because then you’re missing the opportunity to heal your shadow, to grow as a person, and go gain an important lesson for your soul. If that’s not a good enough reason, think about it this way-  giving it your own energy, focus, and power, will only makes it easier to work against you. Nobody wants that!

Like the old saying goes- “what you focus on, you become.”

5 Steps to Stop the Psychic Attack & take back your energy:

  • Call on your higher power. As with everything, this should always be number one on your list! No matter what your views are, or who you choose to worship, knowing that you are not on your own will help you stay connected. Remember that the creator is all knowing and will guide you through – all you have to do is ask for guidance and then allow it. 
  • Look at your shadow. Entities and energy attachments find their way into our energy fields through our shadows (meaning our shadow selves). Our shadow is the darker aspects, the parts we deny, hide or choose to acknowledge  from our whole selves. In other words, Our fears, shames, limiting beliefs, judgments, anger, harmful thoughts, etc. are all a part of our shadow.
    However,  your shadow is an integral part of being human, there’s no getting away from it, but what gives psychic attack it’s “in” is when it triggers an insecurity. Plenty of psychic attack or malevolent energy can bounce right off you, but if it hits you in a weak spot, so to speak, that’s when it scores a hit.
  • Identify your insecurity or weak spot – its “in” or back door to your energy field. This is where your personal power comes into play: Rather than engaging with it, take a look at it, release the insecurity and its underlying fear, and then take steps to resolve it. Depending on what the insecurity/fear is, it could take time to heal, resolve, or release it, but the good news is that once the insecurity has come into your awareness, you’ve found the point of entry for that attack. This puts you in the position of dominion. Deciding what to do about it now comes from a place of authority, helping the awareness to become less personal or victimizing and more about taking action towards healing and releasing. Obviously a much better choice, rather than letting it run amuck.
  • Refuse permission. This is a biggie! When you realize that you’re being psychically attacked, and you’ve become aware of it’s “in”, then you have two choices: either react fearfully, or respond with authority. Take a deep breath, ground yourself, and then take the latter choice. Always. This is a lesson as well as a chance to heal the shadow perspective in exchange for growth!
  • Consciously (either out loud or internally) acknowledge the attack. Acknowledge the insecurity or weak spot that was triggered with compassion, and express gratitude to the divine for guiding you, gratitude to the “attacker” for bringing the weak spot/ insecurity to your attention, because now you can heal/resolve/release it. Affirm that the “attacking energy” has now served it’s/ their higher purpose, no longer has permission to enter. Ask your higher power to assist you with the removal, and trust that it is done.  The back door is firmly closed and locked, and the energy can now be dissolved and resolved into Divine light. Calling on the power of the Divine is always a must for me! 

Important Facts About Your Shadow:

Do not judge or blame your shadowy parts for making you vulnerable. 

  • They’re vital parts of your human essence
  • Your shadow sides only purpose is to catalyze your souls growth. Balance is key here. There is no light without dark, right? 
  • Shadow sides are part of who you are and of your life experience. Everything in creation has a higher purpose, even a psychic attack.
  • Growth comes when we choose to see it that way, instead of allowing ourselves to become a victim. healing our shadow equals growth!

Final Thoughts:

  • Psychic attacks are real, but you can lesson their effects or avoid them entirely.  A great way to prevent them is by filling and surrounding yourself with Divine love and positive energy. That way, you’re not only protecting yourself from spiritual attacks, but you’re also protecting others from any attacks you might subconsciously send!
  • A psychic attack might be trying to do harm, but if you step into your authority over the matter, it’s actually doing you a favor. You don’t have to send them a Thank You card, but the good news is that you don’t have to suffer, either.

My intention for A Channeled Heart Blog is to provide you with the knowledge and power to be your own healer. Helping you to gain confidence in using your abilities and your own inner guidance system for soul growth and development. If you have a particular topic you would like me to share about, please feel free to send me an email at

Additionally, I do offer energy healing if you find you need some energy healing, clearing or balancing!  I invite you to check out my energy healing sessions, HERE. Energy is non local and does not need to be done in person in order to be highly effective!)

Disclaimer: when it comes to your health, it is important to consult your doctor to make sure that there is no other  physical, emotional or psychological explanation. I am not a doctor of any kind, nor do I claim to be one. 

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