Throat Chakra      

Chakra Number– Five

Locationneck and shoulders

Element- Sound, Ether

Color- Blue

Sound- HA

Purpose- Communication, Harmony

Physical body- throat, esophagus, thyroid gland, neck, cervical spine, mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Emotional Imbalance-  Trouble with expressing yourself and also with listening to others

Mental Imbalance- Interrupting others, trouble understanding, poor communication

Spiritual imbalance- Unable to connect with creativity and connection with the Divine

Balanced Qualities

  • Truth, expression, sound
  • Clarity, understanding of self and others
  • Clairaudience
  • Understanding the power of words

Shadow Qualities

  • Not an active listener
  • Unable to discern truth
  • Dominating conversations
  • Not living authentically
  • Blocked connection to inner Spirit

The Realm of Vibration

The Throat Chakras main purpose is to find internal resonance in all subtle vibrations within, to live in harmony with others, to know, to speak and to live our truth. 


Basic Principal-  To access the Divine and the universal knowledge and you integrate it with your personal truth.

  • peaceful and calm

  • able to listen to others

  • thinks before speaks

  • creativity flows with ease

  • accesses the state of “flow”

  • sensitive to others

  • friendly and open