The Top 2 Most Annoying Questions I Get Asked As A Psychic

By Amanda Rae

The purpose of this post is not to tell off anyone who ever asked me these or tell anyone that their way of thinking is wrong. I am not trying to talk you into or out of anything. I am only sharing this because it is on my mind.

Here are 2 questions that will make psychics roll their eyes...

1. What are the winning lottery numbers? 

2. What am I thinking RIGHT NOW? 

These questions are asked by 3 types of people. The non- believers, the skeptics and the folks with jokes. Most often it’s a mixture of all three. It’s perfectly ok if you land in any of those categories. I love you, no matter what!  Just … don’t ask me those questions. Mmmmmmkay?  I can not control my facial expressions very well. 

We all have our own path, our own beliefs and our own purpose. Matter of fact, I have landed in each of the categories myself at one point. So I am not trying to diss anyone.

This is MY opinion – these categories are based on MY interpretation as a result of MY PERSONAL interactions I have had with people over the years.  And also, don’t forget – you’re reading my blog- my blog is written by a psychic. LOL!  

Ok so let’s get to it. 


The Unbelievers 

Believing in “woo-woo” can be a bit out of the ordinary for some. “Woo-woo” is an umbrella term often used for ideas and beliefs about metaphysical, paranormal, multi-dimensional, or unexplained phenomena. 

To the non- believer:

I get it. I was a non-believer for parts of my life. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it- even while witnessing a dream I had come true- right before my eyes. I chalked it up to a “coincidence”  because the idea of it being a “real premonition or psychic” type thing was more weird than experiencing it first hand. Whether you have experienced it for yourself or not- It’s WEIRD. 

The thing to keep in mind: 

It’s easier to believe what we have been told- – or dis-believe what we think we know – – without asking why we believe what we do in the first place. (Ya follow?)  If we avoid questioning our beliefs, we stay within what we perceive as our “safety limits” of thinking. Our fear lies to us, pretending that it’s only keeping us “safe.” In reality, it limits our ability to think for ourselves. 

Bottom line:

Don’t be afraid to question what you believe in and why. It might be an opportunity to get to know yourself better – regardless if you choose to change your beliefs or not. 


The Jokester:

I understand that sometimes it is meant as a joke, but do you know HOW many times psychics hear this joke? As soon as these questions get asked, I know that we have a different view on what it is that I do. (And therefore missing the entire point of what I’m here to do.)  

Excuse me while I gaze into my crystal ball- hmmmm.  I don’t see a future in comedy for you. I’m sorry, don’t quit that day job! I do see the curse that was put on your stand up comedy career 1 trillion decades ago, but you’ll have to pay me an extra $25 to get rid of that. 

– Juuuuuuust kidding.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t undo ancient curses. Stop watching and listening to  Hollywood’s twisted version of this kind of work. It’s mostly rubbish, just like the rest of reality tv. 

Bottom line:

You’re not being funny. It’s not a  funny joke. It’s awkward, and there isn’t much I really want to say after that..   “Let me tell you about my life as you make fun of me, to my face!”- said no psychic ever. Byyyyeeeee! Lol 



The skeptic:

It’s ok to be skeptical. Being skeptical is actually a good thing! Don’t believe every single person who claims to have abilities. Do some research, ask for references. If you’re still unsure, ask me  REAL questions! Get to know more about my work with an open mind. Be a nice skeptic. Or be a quiet one. Ha- you choose! 

Please don’t try to hide your skepticism with sarcastic jokes and comments. We all know what you’re really trying to say here, whether you want to admit it or not. Not only because I’m psychic, but because I am a human- just like you. It doesn’t take a psychic to know when someone is being skeptical, especially if they’re being condescending. 


Bottom line: 

There is no harm or danger in being skeptical. My honest and best advice to you is this – keep an open mind until you can reach a solid conclusion that works for you. Follow what is true in your heart. Not anyone else’s. 


Most of the time, a person with true abilities will understand where you’re coming from and be open and honest while answering any questions you have. Want to know a little secret? I know TONS of psychics, energy healers & mediums. I can count on one hand how many have my full and complete trust. This is another reason why it is so important to me that I do my best every day to represent what it TRULY means to be a “woo woo” psychic medium. 

And this folks, concludes my Ted Talk. Thanks for coming! haha! 


Keep an eye out for my next post! 

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Amanda Rae 

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