The Divine Design of a Dream

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The Divine Design of a Dream
Realizing my hearts true desire

By: Amanda Rae

This post is directly from my journal where I recorded my meditation. I don’t usually share my personal entries but now that I understand what this was about, God is putting it on my heart to share. 
I head out to the pier that overlooked the woods. I haven’t been at this spot in well over a year. I notice the yellow and oranges in the sky colors. I see it’s getting to be evening and the sun is setting. I take note of the bench that was there before and I walk over to sit. I have a dress on that is flowy around my waste and down to my shins. It is cream in color.
I sit and take a deep breath. I feel my body relaxing and feel like this is my new spot to meditate.
I see a snake and it looks at me. We sit in silence looking at each other. I am not afraid. I feel a book in my hands and take a look at my lap. It’s smaller and light in color. Looks old the cover is smooth. I look up and the snake is gone. I see giant white wings. It flies over my head, what an enormous wingspan. I can feel someone watching me… from behind me on my left. It doesn’t feel creepy so I don’t turn around.
I hear someone climbing up the ledge in front of me and up pops a woman who looks like she’s from the Amazon. She takes a seat next to me on my left and asks if I’m ready to do this.
She has hazel eyes and tan skin. Dark black hair that is long.
I follow her down a wide path that looks like something out of Anne of Green Gables with trees on both sides. I can feel my bare feet hitting the cooled dirt. She’s a bit ahead of me but I’m ok and feel at peace.
“It’s about the walk, not the path or destination” she says. 
“Try not to think about it or you will get lost. Just allow us to guide you (a white bird has landed on her shoulder and she continues to walk.) it will be the easier way. You will get there regardless but trusting us to lead will show you the beauty- allowing you to to notice  how the dirt feels on your feet, instead of focusing on the directions.  Be the kid in the back seat. Not the backseat driver. Look out the window and appreciate where you are at that moment, what your surroundings are at that moment and just take it all in. We are taking you beautiful places.”
I can feel the energy shift in my heart. I understand that worrying will not do anything but lower my vibration and muddy up my experience.
I notice some flowers next to me and reach for a white wishing one. I twirl it in my fingers looking at each seed. The flower wouldn’t look so magnificent if it wasn’t for each individual seed that has its soft white fluffy top.
“That’s what each trial, lesson, and celebration is- Each are designed to make up part of the Divine design.”
I continue to twirl it in my fingers. I begin to think of what my wish would be.
What do I wish for?
I wish to be a seed that has the capability to grow into her own unique flower. I want to be able to be beautiful in my own unique way- providing inspiration to those who look in my direction. I want to work with the Divine, to help enrich the lives of other people. I want to be able to help spread that to many others. I want to make a difference. I want to help unlock their hearts and minds to freedoms to create their own beauty. I want it to spread like wildflowers in a field.
I continue to twirl that stem in my fingers. Taking note of the intricate details, I hear her ask me if I’ve make my wish yet.
Silently I look back at her, then back at the flower in my hand.  I notice I’m standing on the edge of a field of flowers. It is a beautiful sight. 
Am I ready?
Why not?
What do I have to lose?
Thinking about how she told me to enjoy the ride, and follow the Divine plan, why wouldn’t I be?
I take a deep breath. My awareness drops down to my heart space and feel the tug- it’s time.
It’s time to let go and actually ignite the fire and make my dreams happen.
It’s not the how or the why, when or who.
It’s the yes.
Yes I am ready to work at being present in the moment..slowing down and experiencing each moment fully. Finding balance between this world and the spirit world. Knowing that I will be provided with those answers when the time is right and I am ready.
I feel a sense of renewed excitement and a deeper peace.
I turn and look at her- she’s wearing purple, my favorite color. I didn’t notice before, but I see it now. 
 “Yes, I’m ready!” I say with excitement in my voice. 
I look at her,  it’s a deep connection. She smiles warmly, and I take a deep breath, close my eyes and blow a long slow breath out sending those seeds up into the gentle air around me. Holding on to the stem I drop my arm down by my side and I watch them float away. Off to their new places to land, receive nurturing from the earth to grow on their own.
I place the stem on the top of a rock in the grass. I notice the sky is purple and orange now. Turning around to say something, I notice she is gone.
I wanted to thank her. She brought me here to experience this. But.. Perhaps …she is
Perhaps I needed to bring myself here to experience this and allow myself the permission to surrender to the Divine and his creation. Surrender to Truth. To be set free of responsibilities that I was taking charge of that were unnecessary for me.
Today I release all control of what happens next. I vow to live in this moment. I desire to walk this path. My dream is to do spiritual work full time, successfully. I am up for anything! I pray that God and the Angels guide me, help me to remember that I don’t need to worry what the next move is. That I have time, and help me to relax and enjoy the beauty on the walk. Because where I am going is all part of the Divine Design.
 I find it comforting now looking back, that it was clear I was going to be rapidly changing career directions and that I was going to be guided through the entire process by my higher power. I had no clue what was in store for me, but I felt the energy of it coming. 
I am grateful for this experience. I needed to meet her, my soul in person, because she is stronger and more committed to the dream then I ever understood. I needed to, once again, be reminded of God’s Divine Design for my life.  It is when we lose sight of what is leading us, that we suddenly find ourselves asking all the questions. 
WHat I didn’t quite understand is why this post was sitting in my drafts, still  waiting to be published. I wrote it months ago! 
I didn’t quite understand why this post was sitting in my drafts, just waiting to be published. I wrote it months ago! Yet for some reason I could never bring myself to publish it! Intuitively, it just never felt like a good time. 
Until today!
Today is December 21, 2020. If you happen to follow astrology, you know that today is The Grand Conjunction! It is called that because Jupiter and Saturn are lining up in the sky causing their energies to overlap. This can create huge shifts in our lives. Both planets are related to power and authority. 
Today is also Winter Solstice! This is a ceremonial time for many cultures and religions. Spiritually, these celebrations symbolize the opportunity for birth and renewal, shedding old bad habits, negative feelings, and embracing hope through darkness. 
There’s one more cool thing about today! Tonight, Jupiter and Saturn will appear so closely aligned in our sky that they will look like a double planet! It’s happening just in time for Christmas, which is why many are naming it the “Christmas Star.” Between The Winter Solstice and the Christmas Star/ Grand Conjunction, I’d say those are two very potent symbols of hope! Let them be a reminder that no matter how crazy life may be at times, the Divine is, has and always will be moving forward with the Divine Plan. 
What a synchronistic day to refocus and recommit to living life authentically, out loud, in service to the Divine, and to others. We might not have all the details about what the future looks like, but we really don’t need them. It all comes down to trusting in the Divine, the Divine plan and letting the rest all fall into place. 
Amanda Rae

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