Third Eye Chakra  

Chakra Number -Six

Location– Center of forehead

Element- All

Color- Indigo

Sound- Ha

Purpose- Seeing, Intuition, wisdom

Physical body- brain, forehead, brow, the pituitary gland, the pineal gland, eyes, nose, and the carotid nerve plexus

Emotional Imbalance-  deep sadness, depression, loneliness or delusions and hallucinations

Mental Imbalance-  imposing your own ego or will on the situation

Spiritual imbalance- Intuition, Emagination

Balanced Qualities

  • Cosmic knowledge
  • Seeing beyond duality
  • Embodying all the elements in purest form
  • “I am that I am”

Shadow Qualities

  • Headaches, vision problems
  • sinus infections, nasal congestion
  • allergies
  • night blindness


Lighting Up

The Third Eye Chakra is about seeing in the deepest parts of all that is. We have to move through the illusion into the light. WE have grounded ourselves, moved thought the waters of emotion and sexuality, learned to tune into sensation and desire, gound our poser and fired it up wit our will, breathed life into our hearts, learned to speak our truth, and now it is time to discover the luminescent light of the soul within.


Basic Principal-  Enhance intuition, develop insight, light our way and find clarity, vision and wisdom

  • deep wisdom
  • deep seeing
  • mystical experiences
  • inner vision – seeing truth – inner and outer
  • clairvoyance
  • spiritual will