The Veil

September 27th class

What is a veil?

A thin place is where the separation between the physical world and the spiritual world is less dense. 

There are thin places at spiritual sites and vortices. There are also times of the day, people, and periods of life where the veil between our worlds is easier to sense. 

When, where, and with whom the veil is thin, it is temporarily easier to see and interact with the Spirit World like Ancestors, Fairies, Angels, God-Source, etc.

  • You, or a particular person, can have a thin veil
  • There can be times of days and of the year when the veil is thin
  • There are locations with specifically thin veils
  • In the brief moment of change, we experience a thin veil
  • some of us feel that charge in the air 
  • when your veil thins, your skin may feel more electric temporarily.
  • Sleep may be more frequently interrupted as it’s buzzier around you, for example. 
  • can be similar to spiritual awakening signs or other types of ascension signs.
  • can be achieved slowly through meditation.
  • finding moments and periods when your Spirit is free and released from physical ties, you can also create a thinner space around yourself.

Personal times of the day when the veil is thin

We can all have these instances and periods of life when our own veils thin, and there are also personal times of day where we are most receptive to the non-physical. 

  • the time of the day where your Spirit is most relaxed

What are you doing? Is it in the bath, while you sleep or in the early morning when you prepare lunches for your children? 

  • When your mind is most quiet

This is when your veil is thinnest, and those in Spirit may unite with you easiest. 

Your thin veil time can be:

  • When you’re near or connected to your natural element, notice when you are near your element, it’s generally easier to sense the unseen there. 
  • During certain transitional moments in your life when you are more aware, such as during a big life  change. 
  • When you’re alone and free of distraction. 

These are when the auric veil around you may be more open, free, and transparent, and more energies can get through. This is what is known as having a thin veil.




Collective times of day when the veil is thin

In addition to us each having our own private time when it’s easier to connect, I believe the bridge between the worlds is thinnest daily during dawn and golden dusk. 

  • Sometime in the late evening, also known as the “Witching Hours.”
  • Can be thin during specific periods of the year.

Wherever a cultural event celebrates The Spirit World, it draws down the veil for that area of the world, just for that time. 

In the United States, it would technically be thinnest during Halloween to All Souls Day (mid Oct-early Nov).

These are times when ancestors and The Spirit World are often remembered most, making them thin veil times for our country, but there are others, such as events to honor The Spirit World around the springtime, and deep winter.



Thin Veil Locations

In the spaces where a meeting of the worlds exists.

  • places that are vortexes also have thin veils.
  • Where the veil is thin on the globe
  • At meetings of land and water
  • At meetings of night and day
  • At ecosystem edges
  • Places where lots of natural energy generates, such as at waterfalls
  • Anywhere two ecosystems overlap
  • mass soul transition sites
  • Places where energy meridians overlap
  • Geological hotspots

The best way to experience a thin veil location is to go to a public place where the energy is thin during a spiritual awakening experience or the golden hours. Talk about magic.


Thin veil spots, locations, and periods of the day are supposed to be great for heightening intuition, opening and balancing the chakras, and releasing healing energy back to the Earth.

To experience the thinning of the veil for yourself: 

  • What time of day do you feel most tapped in? 
  • Is there a certain holiday honoring Spirit that feels more magical to you? 
  • Is there somewhere you can go to in your neighborhood that feels thinner?
  •  A certain time of day?


What does the veil mean?

  • visualize a veil like a curtain
  • it blocks your physical sight of something
  • light can still pass through


The spiritual significance of the veil: 

  • the curtain that distinguishes between the spirit world and the physical world. 


To lift the veil is to connect with the other side. 

  • This is an ability to connect with the Spirit World in order to receive information, clarity, support or guidance.


What is the significance of the veil thinning?

  • As we strengthen the connection and open up to living in spiritual alignment (soul purpose) the veil between the spirit world and the physical world thins. 
  • it becomes easier for us to connect with Spirit and feel the presence of Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides etc. 
  • As the veil thins, more people feel connected. 
  • Connect with self as more than just a human. Example: We are all spirits first, yet we can resist this concept. 
  • It’s hard to believe what you cannot see. 


How does the thinning of the veil impact your connection?

  • You will see signs, messages and synchronicities 
  • You will feel a spiritual presence with you more easily. 
  • You are able to feel supported by the Spirit World in your own emotional and spiritual healing. 

Basically as the veil thins, you are more easily able to connect with the spirit world. 

You can see signs in your physical reality and you more easily trust the messages that are unseen.

When does the veil thin?

Technically- now through fall

But can happen gradually at any time of the year, several times over during your spiritual awakening. (Think of leveling up)