Psychic Exercise: Next Day Predictions

Focus: Write three predictions for the next day. 

Tip: Best if done immediately following a meditation session. 

Challenge: After practicing this method after a meditation, try doing it without meditating first. See if it makes a difference or not. 

  1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, be sure you’re comfortable and feet are firmly planted on the floor.
  2. After a few deep breaths, project yourself into the next day.
  3. See yourself following through on your plans for tomorrow.
  4. Look around you.
  5. Observe what flows by.
  6. Do not chase any specific details.
  7. Notice any colors or sensations, shapes, numbers, feelings, physical sensations, etc.
  8. After observing, bring yourself back to this now moment.
  9. Write down your predictions and check back the next day in your journal.