"The Wounded Healer"

Chiron is known as “the wounded healer” and is connected to knowledge and healing. 

Chiron shows where you have deep wounds. This can be a place of strength, though, if you are willing to face that wound and work to heal it. This is also known as “shadow work.”  We will discuss the steps to unpack the Chiron information in your chart in order for you to understand what Chiron is trying to teach you through your pain. 

Studying Chiron in your personal chart may for example, help you identify and understand certain patterns that keep arising in your life. The healing comes when we drop the excuses in order to see things at face value, instead of how we colored them to be. It is important to remember that in moments of pain, we do the best we can. The tools we used in the past were the ones that got us to this now moment. 

If/when you are ready to do this work, you will find yourself seeking change because you no longer fit that role and those tools are no longer helpful or needed. This is what calls in the change and transforms you. You no longer think, act or respond on autopilot based on what has happened in the past.  You begin to make a conscious effort and choose to live more authentically with intention! 

For example, if someone has Chiron in the fifth house, they may have experienced a painful childhood. This experience might give them the compassion needed to be an effective social worker or advocate for children’s rights. 

Another person who has this placement may have come from an abusive household. They worked mighty hard to break the cycle and are probably one of the best parents you know. 

These are perfect examples of how working with Chiron can help you rise to your highest, most compassionate potential. Do not underestimate the power of this asteroid! 

Your wound is now your gift!


History behind Chiron:

The myth behind Chiron is that he was a centaur who didn’t fit in with his family. Centaurs are known for being vicious, but this misfit centaur was extraordinarily kind-and smart. Chiron was a teacher and a renowned healer. One of his students, Heracles, accidentally hit him with a poison arrow. Poor Chiron was unable to heal this wound, so he made a big sacrifice and traded places with Prometheus, who was also struggling. Because of this, Chiron became known for his compassion.


How to understand your Chiron

(Best to grab a notebook! There is lots to unpack)


  1. Locate the Chiron symbol on your chart. 
  2. Note the house it resides in.
  3. Look up or study the specific theme or focus of that house. 
  4. Note the ruling planet of that house.
  5. Look up or study the meaning of the ruling sign in that specific house.
  6. Bring together the information that you gathered and see what areas of your life can relate or that come to mind. 
  7. Journal about it. 


By using the steps above, we can begin to study the Chiron meaning in the sample chart. 


  1. Chiron is in the 12th house.
  2. The 12th house is for innermost work; subconscious mind, the things you need to work out within yourself. 
  3. Chiron is in Taurus.
  4. Taurus in the 12th house focuses heavily on needing security, being outwardly confident and may struggle in secret with being in denial of who they really are, while appearing confident to their peers.
  5. Taurus in 12 house focuses on security, and feeling safe in all areas of life.