Calling your energy back with visualization / meditation

Your energy has the uncanny ability to transport itself through space and time. Every time you have a thought your energy follows. So if you think thoughts of someone you love, you send them energy. And if you’re thinking of your a loved one all the time, it’s because your energy has just traveled to them. Or their energy has entered your energetic field. On the flip side, if you’re angry and you think of someone,  you also send them energy. If you’re really angry, an wish harm on them– it’s called a psychic whack lol (or a psychic attack.) 

You also lose energy when you’re thinking of a work project, obsessing about the past or fretting about the future. No wonder we get so tired! We have just sent energy everywhere our attention has placed it! At the end of the day, we may have given, exchanged, or taken on countless bits of energies – often without our awareness

If your energy is out of present time, it is harder to appreciate and make the most of the present moment. And if you’re losing energy it’s harder to maintain emotional, mental and physical health; you become more vulnerable to illness and exhaustion.


Meanwhile, there are also vampires out there who suck you of energy with their neediness. Those are the people who you feel drained by with just a conversation. On the flip side, you may notice that you feel energized after speaking and hanging out with certain people, but in the end it is your own energy that works best for you.

Other people’s energy vs. your own energy

Your energy is specific to your DNA and so the best fuel for your body is your own energy. Which is a HUGE reason to know your own energy : field, body, vs knowing when you’ve picked up energy from someone else. Especially if you find yourself feeling scattered, spacey and unable to stay present.


Call back your energy Visualization Meditation

  1. Visualize a big golden ball which is so bright, you must squint to look at it. See it levitating above your head in your mind’s eye.
  2. Now with a magic marker write your name in the middle of the sun.
  3. See a strong shiny magnet underneath your name – the only thing it attracts is your own energy.
  4. Now wherever your energy is, no matter how far away, know that within a few moments it will return to you in your golden sun. Say to yourself, “I call back my energy from my relationships, from my job, from my family, from my possessions, my past and my future. All this energy is going to collect up inside my golden sun where it can be cleansed and revitalized.”
  5. Know that any foreign energy that is attached to yours will not be able to withstand the heat and it will vamoose.
  6. See the sun getting bigger and bigger until it is about to burst.
  7. Now using your physical fingers touch the top of your head.
  8. Pretend that you are poking a hole in your crown chakra.
  9. Then take your finger and poke a hole in the bottom of your golden sun. (by physically going through these actions you are helping your imagination to more fully accept and integrate these actions).
  10. Imagine the energy coming down as though it is an egg yolk.
  11. See it filling you up from your head to your toes and overflowing into your aura.
  12. Use your imagination to personalize your meditation too.
  13. See your energy flow through every part of your body including your chakras.
  14. See a little of it run down your grounding cord.
  15. Once you’ve filled up your entire body and being, imagine that you are sealing the hole at the top of your head.
  16. Thank your golden sun and visualize it floating off into the universe until it’s time to call upon it again.

(You can use this exercise as often as needed.)


Other tips for strengthening your own energy

Love it

Put love in everything you do. Every act is sacred, be it driving, taking out the garbage or writing a check. This small yet significant change in attitude adjusts the vibratory field in which you operate. Altering your feelings, thoughts and emotions in turn alters your energy. To avoid burnout, learn to set limits. Learn to ask for help when you need it. Prioritize tasks and don’t feel like you have to do everything. 

Have a “you” day

If you’ve been giving everything you have to everyone else in your life, you need some serious “me” time. Simply take out your day planner and pick one full afternoon dedicated to you. Go to the movies, get a massage, take yourself out to lunch, read that book you keep meaning to read. In any case, just make an appointment with yourself, for you, and then don’t break it under any circumstances. And don’t feel any guilt whatsoever. Not only will this give you some well deserved alone time, it will also tell the universe that you are worth it.