Spiritual Gifts

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Spiritual Gifts

I want to take a moment to talk about our gifts. Each one of us are uniquely created. We all have a different life path. None of us are exactly the same. Therefore, neither are our gifts. They come naturally and are fun and easy to use. So easy that we usually discount them until something in our life makes us recognize them. Then we choose to shift our awareness and use them intentionally.

If I were to define spiritual gifts in my own words, I would say this: Spiritual gifts are innate abilities of your soul that you come here to earth with and are completely unique to you.  Spiritual gifts are connected directly to your own souls’ purpose. They create a richness to your soul that in turn magnetizes situations and people to you who are ready to energetically exchange with you. This happens when you are ready to receive your life purpose, your soul purpose, here.

What does that mean? It means that when you are ready, God will show you to a friend, mentor, teacher, etc that will be able to assist you further in learning and working towards your souls purpose. 

Some of the most asked questions I receive when working with my clients are:

  • What are my gifts?  
  • How do I know what my gifts are? 
  • How do I use them?  

Here’s the thing, You were born with them! You already have them and chances are, you are already using them! We often dismiss or discount them as gifts because we use them regularly and they don’t “feel special.” Well, it IS a part of you, that’s the special part! Often times we use them without even realizing it and therefore it can be challenging for us to recognize and use them consistently, with specific intention.

How do you pinpoint them? Take a notepad and pen and jot down what you think your best qualities are. Don’t judge what comes to mind. Just let it all flow out. When you are done, circle the ones that feel the best and that you enjoy doing. 

For example, one I wrote down was listening to my clients while doing their hair. I am a good listener. People are drawn to me, and find it easy to confide in me, tell me what’s going on in their lives, good and bad. I have always been a good listener and it’s just something that came natural to me. That is a gift. Here’s where the “special” part comes. Over the years, I have had times where as I am listening, I would hear a quiet voice, in my own tone, say something that I ended up saying out loud. I would catch myself after and have a fleeting thought of “What the heck, where did that come from?” At that moment, the person I was talking to would say, “oh my gosh, that’s something my mom would say!” I had no idea that each time that happened, I was actually getting messages Clairaudiently, from a loved one that had crossed over. If I hadn’t been lead to my first mentor to explain what had happened, I would have never been able to pinpoint that gift! I have the gift of clairaudience. Clairaudience means Clear-hearing. See how easily I could have missed that? 

You see, there is no way that each one of us could have matching gifts. It takes our own personal life experiences to shape and mold them. My Spiritual Gifts won’t look like yours, and they wont look like Theresa Caputo’s ether. Ha!  They can be similar in type, but the way in which we utilize and work with them will be different. Try not to fall into the curse of comparison. (check out my personal experience)

Look for the beauty and individuality in your own unique gifts. They were beautifully hand made and hand picked just for you, by our creator. It takes our own personal life experiences to shape and mold them. 

Love, Amanda Rae

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