Wondering if you are experiencing the spirit world?

Recently, I’ve noticed a huge increase in my clients coming to me with questions about the “weird” things they can do/ sense or hear or new sudden abilities. Some are aware of their intuitive/ psychic abilities, but are now suddenly having mediumistic experiences. Some are suddenly noticing these new abilities “coming online” for them. I also work with children in Psychic Kids Network. It’s become quite apparent that more children are coming to earth even more spiritually connected than the generations before them. So it’s quite common for the little ones to speak about or even to a grandparent or great grandparent that passed away before they were even born. (Check out my YouTube video about Starseeds, here!)

Have you ever been contacted by spirit?

It is not always convenient, is it? Spiritual contact tends to happen when you are in a meditative state or when you feel super relaxed. For example,when you’re just about to fall asleep, doing the dishes, when running the vacuum or taking a walk or a jog. Those activities often create space for our minds to graze and are a perfect opportunity for spirit to just pop in! Surprise!!

I want to let you know that this is really common in mediumship, especially if you are starting to develop your intuitive abilities.  You may not understand how your abilities work or even what they are exactly. You may know you have one strong ability, and your other senses are starting to opening up. Wherever you are in this moment is just perfect. So take a breath and relax a bit. Sensing spirit when you are not expecting can leave you confused, curious, scared, and possibly annoyed. 

Why does spirit choose to do then?

Let’s start with bedtime. Me? I need my sleep.  I am not always pleasant without my sleep.  But when I was a kid, hearing people talking in my room after bedtime was not helpful. It resulted in numerous attempts to somehow get my mom back in my room. Even if it meant I’d get in trouble for “stalling.” As an adult, I attempted to brush it off as my “imagination.” I knew it was more but I just needed my sleep, and that was my main focus. So for my clairaudience, that ability had to take the back seat, at least until I fully accepted my abilities. Perhaps spirit should have picked a different way to work on that ability, I might have been more open to the idea back then. Lol!

Why does it happen when you’re in a relaxed state? 

I feel it is because our ego mind isn’t so busy overthinking everything.  I often refer to this activity as my “Amanda brain” or “monkey mind.” When our mind is relaxed, spirit will take the opportunity to reach out to someone with mediumship abilities.  This is why before I connect during a session, I will let my “monkey mind” (that likes to dissect or judge every piece of information that comes in ) to please step aside. This can also happen when we are ready for a new ability to present itself when there is no judgement from our busy mind. 

If you’re not sure if this is something you’ve experienced, here’s a few ways spirit will try to connect with you just before you go to sleep:

  1. You may see a face or even a full body of someone in spirit when you close your eyes.  You may see it very clearly, or it may look a little fuzzy or like you are looking through a film.  You may even have your eyes closed and get someone’s face right there in your mind.  It is all normal, even if it surprises the heck out of you.
  2. You may hear your name being called.  You may hear people talking in your room or somewhere else in the house when no one is there.  You may hear whispers or other noises too.  Again, this is normal when you have mediumship abilities developing. Children often experience hearing their name called. (I have another blog post where I share a little about this. You can find that post here.)
  3. You may feel someone in your room. You may get that sudden feeling that you’re not alone, perhaps a sudden nauseous feeling, tightness in your gut, the chills or goosebumps when you’re not cold, a spike in anxiousness, the hair on the back of your neck may stand up. All which can be a little scary if you can’t actually see anyone, but you know someone is in your room. I experienced this numerous times. Now that I understand it’s my body’s way of acknowledging spirit, I am not burdened by it. I firmly say “not now, I am sleeping. You need to go now”, and usually I’m not bothered again. 

Everyone experiences their abilities differently.  Your abilities are unique to you. Spirit is able to come to you because you are not resisting communication with them when you’re relaxed.  I believe that it is usually our loved ones who’ve crossed over that visit.  They want us to know that they are there for us and watching over us.  Sometimes it could be your spirit team if you have asked them to show themselves to you.  Although sometimes, it could be a random spirit visiting you. This can happen the night before you are around someone who’s loved one has a message and the spirit wants to get a jump start on communicating with you. (This has happened to me before connecting with clients the following day. They may also enter my dreams.) Also, it’s worth mentioning that the spirit world doesn’t acknowledge time as we know it here on earth. Another reason for their untimely attempts to connect with us!

Why do we receive information from spirit just as we’re about to fall asleep? 

It happens when you’re relaxed because you’re not judging the information as it comes.  You’re not questioning where the information is coming from, not resisting your intuition like you do during the day, and not taking yourself out of what is actually happening. You’re just… relaxing.

Feeling resistance or not being open to receiving intuitive information happens when you doubt or fear your abilities. When you are first developing your intuition you find it hard to trust the information that you get.  You let go of resistance when you are feeling more relaxed. 

This is where mediation comes in with your development.  Meditating on a regular basis can help get you to a relaxed state more easily and with intention. Meditation can strengthen your ability to hold the connection with spirit as well as help you learn which Clair abilities you have and how your body responds to spirits energetic vibration. (See other clair posts for more information)

Here’s the good news!

You always have a say in who, what, where and when! Practicing using your authority a.k.a. your dominion, will make it easier. Using meditation and setting an intention to connect with spirit helps you become aware of information coming in as well as provide an appropriate time to communicate. I think of it as my “business hours” – when I’m “open/closed for business.” You can also use your spirit team (Creator, guardian angels and spirit guides) to help you. They can ask spirits to leave before they wake you up. They can help hold the space in a way that spirits can not enter the room/ building. 

What can you do when spirit comes at an inconvenient time?

  1. Remember that you always have control, be sovereign in your dominion.  It’s okay if you tell them to leave you alone.  You aren’t being rude. You will not offend them. You will not turn off your gift or your abilities by doing this.
  2. Set boundaries.  You set boundaries with those who are living, (if not, let’s work on those!) it’s okay to do that with spirit too. Set them, and keep them.
  3. Ask God or your spirit team to intervene.  It is not a burden for them, it is part of their job. If you’re uncomfortable, all you need to do is ask for comfort and support. Ask, and it shall be given.
  4. You can quiet your mind and talk to them if you want to connect.  Set the intention (I open with prayer) to connect only to those with pure and loving intentions with the highest good for those involved. Allow yourself to feel their energy and ask them who they are and why they are there.  Be open to whatever comes to you first. Don’t judge it. As long as you get positive and/or loving answers, you will know that it isn’t your imagination, and it’s from a loving source.

As you develop your abilities, you will become more confident in communicating with Spirit. You will learn to trust yourself and the information that you receive by practicing discernment.  Over time, you will learn to trust in the love from the spirit world and really grow to appreciate your beautiful gift.

When the Spirit World sees you, they see your bright, beautiful light. You are loved and was gifted the ability of mediumship. The light within signifies that you have the ability to connect with them, whether you know it or not.  

The choice is always up to you!


Want to become more connected?

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