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Experience the Magic of Plants!

Plant Medicine Healers work a little different then your typical herbalist. We look at the whole person, seeing them only as a soul, leaving judgement and criticism behind. By observing a person this way, we a able to find the root of imbalance. With this information, we are then able to use the appropriate plants to provide them with what they need for a healthy body, mind and spirit. The result is deeply effective, and provides a beautiful form of healing. 

With over 8 years of experience, Amanda has found a deep connection working with plant essences, creating blends that assist healing the mind, body and spirit. She has helped not only her friends and family find solutions, but many returning clients as well.

Each spirit inspired blend is created using high quality, 100% organic essential oils, plants and herbs that are intuitively selected and backed by scientific research in order to provide you success with reaching your goal.

Weather it is for physical, emotional,  or spiritual support and healing, energy clearing, or to enhance a restful nights sleep, all blends are created then charged with healing energy before placed in their packages and delivered to your door.

Custom Blends

Amanda works with plants and essences, which allow her to create customized blends- using essential oils exclusively or incorporating both plants and their essences. 

Are you interested in taking a more natural route for your health and wellness? Let’s get together and discuss your concerns. Whether it be sleep, stress, emotional overwhelm, attention limitations, energetic disturbances or physical ailments, there is power in plant medicine. I work with high quality essential oils, carrier oils and herbs that will benefit your whole body, mind and spirit.

I work with intuitively to create unique blends on an individualized basis for all of my clients!

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