Part 2: Soul Healing Series

Soul Retrieval is a term that is used to describe the practice of reintegrating lost, disassociated or repressed parts of the soul back into  consciousness, creating a pathway to healing.

Your Soul is the essence of who you are. It is always there in the background of your everyday life. However, parts of you may not always accessible following abuse, psychological traumas and sudden life changes. These types of experiences can happen at any age and may cause us to “shut down” areas of our mind/body awareness, creating a block. One might describe this feeling as “survival mode” or “going through  life on autopilot.”  The feeling of vacancy is a sign that you might have experienced soul loss.  Soul Loss does not mean that you have literally lost your Soul. Instead, it’s the experience of losing touch with your Soul. (Read more about Soul Loss in Part 1 of my Soul Healing SeriesSoul Loss, The Fragmented Soul & Disassociation) 

How do we get back to wholeness?

We do this through the practice of Soul Retrieval. Today, there are many ways Soul Retrieval is practiced, but the one I subscribe to can be explained as making the unconscious, conscious. This is done by bringing awareness to what we have hidden from ourselves in order for us to survive trauma or a traumatic experience. We may feel confused, lost, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed by the parts of us that seem fractured or broken. Emotional, physical, and mental struggles may occur. At  times, we may feel the parts of us that felt peace, safety, and unconditional love are “lost forever.” Your soul will know when it is time to start the healing process, regardless of when the event happened. It may be weeks, months or years later that we are ready to start healing. 

Soul Retrieval is about reintegrating lost or buried Soul parts back into a person’s awareness to create wholeness. By bringing attention to our consciousness and gently listening to our body, we begin to remove the blockages that separate us from our souls truth. We begin to feel connected to that vitality once again. We start to feel the life pulsing through our bodies. Reawakening  reconnecting with estranged parts of ourselves, with the essence of our soul, creates inner peace and harmony. It can be a deeply healing experience if we are ready to identify and rectify our own thoughts surrounding a source of pain.

Today, there are many ways Soul Retrieval is practiced, but the one I subscribe to can be explained as making the unconscious conscious. By Bringing awareness to what we have hidden from ourselves in order to survive trauma or a traumatic experience. 

Although ‘Soul Retrieval’ is a shamanic term, it doesn’t need to be performed exclusively by a shaman. Psychotherapists, bodyworkers, and highly experienced spiritual healers can also provide Soul Retrieval help. This is a sacred journey and requires guidance from someone who you feel comfortable with. It can be highly effective both in person as well as remote. 

I am now offering Soul Retrieval sessions! Each session is  spirit led and customized to the individuals needs, although all will include a guided meditative journey using a drum or rattle, followed by energy work and discussion to help integrate what presented during your session.  This healing work began to present to me during my personal healing journey. It was such a powerful, life changing experience! I began integrating it into my clients sessions as I felt called to do so. It has now become something that I feel is extremely beneficial and needs to be offered on its own. I am incredibly thankful for what it has done for me in my journey and I can’t wait to share this experience with you! 


Amanda Rae


If you are experiencing unpleasant or life threatening symptoms of any kind, please contact your doctor before starting any holistic health & wellness care. It’s best to check with trusted medical professionals to make sure there is no physical explanation for what you may be experiencing. While I strongly believe in the power of spiritual healing, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. Our physical bodies do require other types of medical intervention throughout our lives.

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Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval &  Spiritual Awakening

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