Soul Loss, The Fragmented Soul & Disassociation

Part 1: Soul Healing Series

Soul Loss does not literally mean losing your Soul.

It refers to the experience of losing touch with your Soul in some way, shape or form. As a practitioner who incorporates many different types of healing, I thought it would be good to have some information about this as it has been coming up more often during healing sessions with my clients. I am creating a 3 part series (or more if necessary) on Soul Loss/ Soul Fragments, Soul Retrieval and The Spiritual Awakening.

So let’s get to it! Shall we?

When we experience physical or emotional traumas it is said that a part of our Soul leaves the body in order to survive the experience. This process is called “Soul Loss.”Soul Loss, in psychological terms, is known as dissociation. It’s what happens when we become disconnected from the innermost part of ourselves, the part of us who makes us, us. Our Soul.

The difference between the shamanic perspective of Soul Loss and the modern perspective of Soul Loss is that in shamanic practice, the Soul can be fragmented, even travel to other dimensions and get “lost.”However, in the modern perspective, the Soul (or Self) remains whole and intact, but it is our psyche (our mind) that fragments and needs to be healed in order to regain access to the Soul. No matter which perspective you choose to subscribe to, the reality is that we all experience some level of this in our lives.

When we lose connection with our soul – our inner truth, we operate from our ego. We seek to feel whole again and use distractions like staying busy to the point of overwhelm, dogmatic beliefs, unhealthy relationships, addiction and other unhealthy coping strategies. When our ego is running amuck, we operate and make decisions that are based on fear and survival.


Let’s pause here for a quick second. I want you to understand – The Ego is not bad. YOUR ego is not BAD. (I could honestly dedicate an entire post to this topic… maybe someday I will!) If you spend time listening to some folks in the spiritual community, you might hear them say otherwise. But trust me, our Ego is a tool for survival. It has one job- to keep us alive, however it needs to- in any given moment. If that means our Ego has to deny the truth in fear of threat, then so be it. We need our ego. The challenge is to keep it in check. (Yep.. that is a blog post coming soon, ha!)

When we disconnect from the essence of who who we are, an imbalance is created. This disconnection and imbalance grows over time and can be intensified by traumatic events or circumstances. This is what causes our soul to disassociate with the parts of our psyche, also referred to as soul fragments, losing parts of the soul.

The result is feeling of being lost or separated from ourselves, life, and the Creator. We may live with fear, guilt, and shame running constantly in the background of our lives. It makes us feel numb, empty, and hopeless. We try to distract ourselves with work, family, friendships, chaotic schedules, and various addictions as a way to cope. If these things sound familiar after experiencing any type of trauma, working with a spiritual healer might help you reconnect.


Seeking help from a spiritual healer who focuses on the Soul, spirit and other layers of a person’s energy body can be helpful. Spiritual healers come in many forms and use many different modalities. Most spiritual healers focus on reconnecting a person with their soul by clearing old, stagnant energy, identifying and releasing inner blockages such as false or outdated beliefs, and channeling in healing energy. In addition, some, like me, also work with ancestral trauma, past life issues, chakra imbalances, soul loss, or anything that might be causing discomfort and disconnection.

Regardless of the type of healer you decide to work with, make sure you do your research first before you invest in your healing process with them. If you don’t, you may think this type of healing didn’t work- when it could really just be that you and your practitioner weren’t a good match!


Love, Amanda Rae


If you are experiencing unpleasant or life threatening symptoms of any kind, please contact your doctor before starting any holistic health & wellness care. It’s best to check with trusted medical professionals to make sure there is no physical explanation for what you may be experiencing. While I strongly believe in the power of spiritual healing, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one. Our physical bodies do require other types of medical intervention throughout our lives.

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