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Growing up with psychic and mediumship abilities, premonition dreams and the ability to hear and sense spirit made it hard for Amanda to understand what was lose going on. As she grew from childhood into her teen years, she was able to close her abilities off, although she knew she was still different from her peers and siblings. She could pick up on the energy and emotions of those around her, as well as the energy in places. She did her best to ignore it- until she became a parent. 

It became quite clear that her children had abilities of their own, each at a very young age. Amanda was determined to find answers to questions that her children would certainly ask her as they got older. It took becoming a mother for her to really face the fear of finding out the truth. 

Now after years of experience from being on both sides of the coin,  Amanda has decided to create a way to teach children and their families the knowledge,  support, tools and encouragement that is needed in order to ditch the stigma, fear, frustration and helplessness that often accompanies these abilities. 

Psychic Kids Parent Session

Do you have some questions that you would like personal guidance on when it comes to supporting your psychic kiddo? Schedule a private coaching session with Amanda to get insight, guidance and support from someone who’s had experience both as a psychic kiddo and as a parent! 

Words from Amanda

Growing up Psychic had its challenges, but now that I am older I understand why I had to go or “grow” through those experiences. Being a psychic kid makes for some really interesting stories, and I plan on sharing them.
Matter of fact, I’ll be sharing my story, and I hope you will too! The more we share with each other, the more awareness we can create! 
Psychic and Intuitive abilities  are a magical gift, and we were created to use these gifts to bless other people! So we need to be sharing our knowledge! 
It is so important to support our kiddos- no matter what age, especially as they navigate life with these extra abilities. 
However, we as adults often need extra support ourselves!
So parents, a lot starts with you.. so I want to work with you, too! I want to share HOW to teach your children to be confident in themselves, along with building the confidence they need to be sovereign in their abilities! This is why I created Psychic Kids Network!

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Let’s face it, raising children in today’s world can be challenging! It can be even more challenging when your kiddo has intuitive or psychic abilities that affect their day to day activities! 

Join Amanda Rae Hill as she and many others share knowledge, stories, tips and ideas that will help you and your psychic child be more confident and connect to the JOY of their psychic gifts! 

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It is so important to support our kiddos- no matter what age, especially as they navigate life with these extra abilities. Parents, a lot starts with you.
Let's get you feeling more confident in parenting these amazing kiddos! Be confident enough to teach your children HOW to be confident in themselves and to to be sovereign in their abilities. Let's set them up for a life of clarity and confidence in who they are, as well as what their unique role is here on earth! Most importantly, let's do it with JOY!
Amanda Rae Hilll
Intuitive Channel - Psychic - Medium - Energy Healer - Spiritual Coach -Teacher