Full Moon Circle

Thanks for your interest in joining! At this time, I have paused offering moon circles. Check back soon for updates!!

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The Full Moon

The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. This is a great time to formally put your intentions “out there”, whatever they are; there’s a very good chance that they will deliver, and quickly!

However, as with everything, make sure that your heart is in the right place and that your intentions are for the highest good of all involved.

Keep in mind, when things begin to shift or take place, it might not “look” as we imagined them too. But, you can trust that it is what is best for us in the long run! 

Purpose of Full Moon Circles

A full moon circle is a group of people coming together  to harness the potent energy of the moon. Typically speaking, new moons and full moons have the most energy, and moon energy can be harnessed three days before or after it passes through the full or new phase.

People come to full moon circles to set intentions, clear old, unwanted or stagnant energy, gain clarity, and connect with themselves to reset or regroup in order to move forward with clarity and inspiration. Moon circles are largely based in communal ritual and personal reflection. 

How the Full Moon affects us

Working with the moon helps you observe the natural ebb and flow of creation.  It gives us an opportunity to intentionally move through cycles each month, releasing whatever is no longer in alignment with our path. (This may be mentally, physically, emotionally, or even personal or professional relationships and/or circumstances)

You may notice changes in the quality of your sleep or fluxuations with your mood. You might have more or less energy.  The full moon may also affect your motivation to get things done. If you are unsure, take a month or two and observe your body’s natural rhythm through the different phases of the moon. Record it in your journal. 

Once you understand how your body responds,  use that knowledge to set yourself up for success! 

Full Moon Activities

Whether you believe in the power of moon phases or not, there is no way you can’t benefit from a full moon ritual. Any time spent reflecting inwards and giving yourself some care and attention is time well spent. It is an exercise in AWARENESS. Focusing on awareness helps us bring in balance. And I think it’s safe to say, we would all like a bit more of THAT in our lives!

Plus, the full moon comes around every 29 days, so following the phases is a great way of ensuring you are creating a

consistent self care schedule. You’ll start to notice how you start looking forward to the full moon so you get to take a break and spend some time with yourself 

**You can work with Full Moon energy for about a week! It is most noticeable three days before the Full Moon, on the day of, and three days after.

The Full Moon is an ideal time for:

  • Attend a Full Moon Circle 
  • Journaling about what you would like to release, remove or change in your life
  • Reiki healing  (physical or emotional)
  • Clean your home
  • Cleanse and clear the energy in your home, office, etc
  • Setting intentions and releasing them to the Divine
  • Guided meditation (with yourself or others)
  • Cleansing and charging your crystals 
  • Making Moon water to use with for your plants, tinctures and essential oil sprays

How Amanda hosts her Full Moon Circles

Each moon circle tends to be slightly different, depending on the theme and intention of that particular moon, however, they are always guided by Spirit and held in a sacred and safe space! You can expect to have fun and a few laughs as well!

Traditionally, Amanda will start by opening the circle, sharing a little information about the current moon and what to expect as the evening continues. Amanda will help you settle in by leading a guided meditation or breathing technique, followed by intuitive messages from Spirit. There will be plenty of time to share with the group or ask questions if you feel guided to.

The session will last from 60-90 min, depending on attendance. Sold out circles may last up to 2 hours. 

Group Meditation Journey

We will begin with a light group meditation to release what no longer serves your highest good in order to make space for new.

Journal, Notes & Reflection

You will have a few moments to journal about what you experienced or what came to mind during the meditation. If you feel called to share your experience, great! Your share is always welcomed, but never required.

Gallery Style Readings & Messages from Spirit

We will move into the second half and receive healing and messages from Spirit! Each person will receive a mini reading in a group setting.

Listen with an open heart as messages are delivered to others as you wait your turn because what resonates is for you as well! Feel free to invite a friend! 

**Please note- there are only 6 spots available each month! 

2023 Moon Circle Schedule

Thanks for your interest in joining! At this time, I have paused offering moon circles. Check back soon for updates!!

You can work with Full Moon energy for about a week! It is most noticeable three days before the Full Moon, on the day of, and three days after.

That being said, most dates below are scheduled on the evening of the full moon, with the exception of a few.