Intuitive Coaching and Classes

Become more aware of your connection to the Divine
and  gain confidence and clarity in yourself and your
own intuitive abilities. 

Intuitive Coaching

Work with me one on one to strengthen your connection to Spirit and deepen your understanding of how your own intuition holds the key to illuminate more clarity, confidence and healing.

Essential Oil Classes

Learn how Essential Oils can help you achieve a higher level of holistic healing. These classes bring you to a whole new side of how Essential Oils can be used for wellness for your mind body and soul. These classes are not even close to a basic Essential Oil 101 class!

"Intuition is seeing with the soul."

― Dean Koontz

Let’s work together to get you seeing what your soul already knows! 

Intuitive Coaching

Life can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Especially when you’re an intuitive and don’t fully understand that aspect about yourself. It seems as though all the answers are locked up and unreachable! I speak from experience and that is why I feel like being of service is such a blessing! 

Are you ready to get the key?

Essential Oil Education

 These classes are not your basic Essential Oil classes. I like to take a deep dive into topics of spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Be comfortable and confident about the oils you are using by listening to your intuition and holding specific intentions in order to really see the results you are looking for.