Fear is a Liar

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By Amanda Rae

Fear is a Liar

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

We all have fears.

You know those thoughts that make you break out into a cold sweat and make your heart beat out of your chest? The awful scenarios that we replay over and over in our heads… Yeah, those things, those are fears. 

Fear is a natural response. It is normal to have fear and to develop new ones as we experience more in life.  There are many different ways we can experience fear. There’s fear of the dark, heights and spiders just to name a few. We can experience fear when choosing to leave an unhealthy relationship. We can have fears of sickness. We can be in fear of what other people may think. We can be fearful of having strong emotions, of change or fear of what the future may hold. 

Fear can be big, small, rational, irrational, and it can be a learned behavior. It can come from our environment or conditioning that we were exposed to at some point. Fear is universal. Fears are stories that we tell ourselves over and over. 

F. E. A. R.  has two meanings..

Forget Everything And Run 


Face Everything And Rise

What is something that you are fearful of? Have you ever asked yourself what you’re truly afraid of? Think of one thing that you are fearful of.. I encourage you to have that dialogue with yourself.

  • What would life be like if you did not fear that one thing?
  • How does this fear hold you back?
  • Does this fear prevent you from being your true authentic self?

What are you missing out on because of fear? How does that fear hold you back? I want you to peak around this big, bad fear. Go ahead, you can do it!

  • Is there a sense of freedom?
  • What would you be able to accomplish?
  • How does it make you feel?

Let’s go back to that fear again. 

What is the worst case scenario when it comes to your fear? I want you to really look at the worst case scenario details you tell yourself about this, see it for what it truly is.. You are probably thinking “Yikes this chick is crazy, why am I reading this?” Just stick with me on this one, I promise there’s a point! 

  • How would that impact your daily life?
  • How much of your life are you letting this fear control you?
  • Does this fear or senario built upon this fear impact you daily with the choices you make?

Let’s take it another step further. 

It’s time to get brave. 

Its take your power back. 

Put your brave pants on. 

Let’s do some power thinking. 

So why do we let fear run our lives?

  • What if you were able to look that fear right in the eye and tell it to sit down and shut up? 
  • What if you choose to rise up and step right over your fear like the boss that you are?
  • What if you chose to see the truth for what is is, not what it could be?
  • What would you do?
  • How would you act? 
  • What would you say? 
  • What kind of impact does it have on the quality of your life, your freedom? Your emotions? 

You are BRAVE. You are FEARLESS. You are UNSTOPPABLE. 

How am I so sure?  Think of those brave pants you’re wearing as the protection of the Divine. The great I AM. You are divinely protected, and you don’t have to face the fear alone. Knowing that you are protected, let me ask you this…


What if fear based thoughts, feelings and emotions were all LIES? Lies that we told ourselves because we think they will prevent unwanted change.. 

At what point do we become tired and decide we don’t want to be restricted any longer? 

We grow. We change. We adapt. We transform. That is life. 

Fear is uncomfortable. It brings up all kinds of thoughts and emotions.  Change forces us to let go of something in order to make room and adapt to something new. That is the whole purpose of change. Change often comes with fear.

We get caught up in fear and hang out there. The fearful thought patterns, or lies we tell ourselves are what holds us back from experiencing the fruits of the transformation. When that happens, we miss the opportunity to change, to experience something new, something that was intended for us in this life.  That is why its necessary to push forward.  It is best to identify our fears so that we can push through them and achieve a greater purpose. 

As I type, I am being shown a short film strip running through my head so I am just going to go with it and share it with you. I am uncertain as to where I am supposed to place it, although it does portray the message I am working to share with you. This portion might even be for someone specific, I am not sure. God works in amazing ways. So, I am trusting the process and including it. 

It’s getting dark and close to bedtime for a child. As they walk down the hallway towards their bedroom, they see a scary looking monster waiting for them, sitting on the foot of their bed. Instead of flipping on the bedroom light to see the monster in its true form, they run to mom and dad. The child comes back with the protection of their parent. They head up the steps, down the hall and flip on the light. All they see is a blanket piled up on the corner of the bed. No monster, no danger. They could face their fears with the protection of their parent, and together they were able to work through that fear and see the situation for what its worth. 

When we walk with with the Divine, we are protected. We can face our fears and overcome even our greatest challenges. I know this to be true. I always tell my clients that I will never suggest anything that I have not tried.  

Could you guess what one of my biggest fears were? I’ll tell you. One of my biggest fears was facing my own spiritual gifts, trusting them and then sharing them with other people. The description of breaking out into a cold sweat, heart pounding.. yup. That was me. But then I decided to get brave. I chose to trust the God that created me and face those fears. I had to trust that there was a plan for me. It took some time, patience and lots of hard work. I still have days were I need more support than others, but the most important thing is that I did not give up. Trust that there is a plan for you too. 

Sending you so much love,

Amanda Rae

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