Expectations & Conduct  of Soul ReWilding Members 


1. Be respectful to others

You never know what someone else is going through. Speak to others the way you would like to be spoken to. If you do not agree with something, that is ok, but respect should always be the first action. In other words, just be a good human. 



 2. Keep what resonates, release what doesn’t

If something doesn’t resonate, respectfully release what is not in alignment with you. This is a group experience, therefore there will be an assortment of beliefs, opinions and practices.  We each have our own path.


3. Discernment over Fear

Fear is often the #1 reason for intuitives, psychics and mediums to shut down their abilities and run in the opposite direction. I want each of you to feel safe and supported in these spaces, and will do all I can to make sure that I provide that for you.  

If there is something causing you fear or discomfort, please let me know in private. It spreads quickly like fire, so it is best to tend to it as soon as possible. 

Use discernment before sharing with the group. If you are not unsure about it, reach out to me first. We can discuss it and perhaps bring it to the group for a healing and powerful discussion if/ when you are ready. 

If an individual chooses to go rogue in the company of his/her peers, I will be taking immediate action.

 For example: 

  • A verbal warning reminding them to use better discernment
  • Removing the individual from the meeting or group chat immediately.
  • Removal from Soul ReWilding for the remainder of the month
  • Permanent removal from the group and all connecting spaces. No questions asked- no refunds – no acceptions. 

I have a ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to fear. Don’t make me use my mom voice. (haha!)



4. Sensitive Topics

Please be mindful of other students while sharing or speaking about sensitive topics. Although other students may have experienced similar traumatic events –  lengthy stories or discussions sturr up all kinds of emotions while listening to details and reflecting on their own experience. 

Sensitive Topics include:

  • Politics
  • Racism
  • Religious beliefs that induce fear or exclude other beliefs altogether
  • Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse
  • Rape & Sexually charged topics 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Suicide
  • Murder
  • Disturbing/ dark Paranormal experiences

While these topics can not- and should not be avoided all together, it is important that you are only sharing for the sole purpose of what helped you learn or overcome the experience/event. 



5. Sharing within the group 

Although sharing is an important part of this group experience, it is equally important to be conscious of the energy you are putting out into the group as a whole.

It is important that during our meetings we maintain a balance of spiritual education, practice time and sharing. Lessons are planned and will often build upon each other as we continue to move forward. This structure is vital to the experience you stand to gain by being a part of Soul ReWilding.

I do the best that I can at each meeting to stay focused and on topic, it would really help me if you do the same. 🙂

  • If we are in the middle of a lesson and you have a question pertaining to the material being discussed, please feel free to ask! 
  • If you have an off topic question or something else to share, please hold off until the end so that we can make sure we get through all of the material that is planned for that session. 

It is exciting to connect with other like minded folks- which is why I chose to create this group!  However, lengthy stories or multiple personal shares take time away from planned lesson material and practice time. Your participation in the following will also help me keep things fair and flowing smoothly.

Please keep the following in mind when sharing:

  • Keep it short and sweet- shoot for under 2 minutes so others have a chance to share (don’t take it personally if i interrupt you for going over- I still love ya!)
  • If you have already shared during the same session, please give someone else the opportunity to share first, before sharing
  • Remember others may experience similar, yet different abilities 
  • Speak respectfully when talking about yourself- you’re learning and growing! That takes time and courage- give yourself some credit! 
  • When sharing, focus less on the surrounding details and more on the impact it had on your growth, healing and understanding of your abilities
  • Avoid sharing to receive validation that it happened
  • Avoid seeking intuitive/ psychic insight or advice outside of designated practice time

This is not meant to sound harsh- however, this is a development group. It’s important that we have time for learning and practice. 

During the second meeting of the month, we can be a little more relaxed, as it is just members. However, it is still important to be conscious of the energy you are putting out into the group, maintaining a balance of sharing, listening and absorbing all there is during our time together.

Please do not use this time for “emotional dumping.” If you have something weighing on your heart, please do your best to ground and center before joining the meeting. If you would like intuitive guidance, you may book a private session with me at any time.



6. ALWAYS use good ethics 

only connect when asked and/or given verbal permission. I have added an entire PDF on this to the SR library and will continue to teach this class as we grow. If you have not attended this class, please see the Ethics page for more information. 



7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The only “dumb” question is the one not asked! (That’s what my grandpa always told me!)
If you have specific a question, chances are someone else probably does too! Feel free to ask questions in group, or if you are uncomfortable for any reason, ask me in private. 

What to bring to each session

* indicates must bring items, all others are suggestions , not a requirement.

*Notebook or journal & pen/pencil to take notes
*Water or something hydrating to drink
Oracle / Tarot cards
Dowsing rods

—-No ouija boards, spirit boxes, or paranormal equipment. (They do not help you connect with your intuition.)—-