Energy Retrieval- Calling Your Energy Back

By Amanda Rae

You know those times where you feel depleted, overwhelmed, fed up, and just plane old, flat out exhausted?  This can happen when we try to juggle our career, family, responsibilities, schedules, to do lists, you name it. Trying to keep, plus maintaining your well being is a lot to take on. When we find ourselves in a state of complete burn out, it’s a big sign that it’s time to take a few minutes and call your energy back to you. It’s similar to when you realize you’re really thirsty, your body is actually already dehydrated. 

A Lot of us, myself included, just seem to give- give- give. We give until our buckets are empty and then give some more. By the time we really understand that we have given too much, it has taken a toll on our mental, physical and emotional state. 

When I notice that my body/mind is in a state of lack, it doesn’t mean I can stop everything and escape my daily responsibilities. (Wouldn’t that be nice?!) It does mean that I have overdone, overplanned, overexerted myself beyond my limits and I need to reassess my priorities. 

The first thing to do is go within and ask the Divine to help shift my awareness so that I have grace for myself.  Then I take a moment to ask for some clarity. Depending on my whereabouts and my current situation, I take the time to do a quick callback of my energy so that I can finish out what I need to do for the day. 

Energy Retrieval: How to Call Your Energy Back

Think about where your energy may still be.

  • Take a few deep breaths and relax.
  • Recall your day/week, paying specific attention to all areas and people to which and to whom you have given a lot of your energy.  (If you’ve taken one of my classes this would be a good time to pair this activity with an essential oil, put a drop in your palm, rub your palms together, and breathe it in).
  • As you sit, allow these situations to come to mind, noticing the feelings that come up.
  • Do you think that your energy is existing with your kids? Does not matter their age, or level of needs, if this is an area where you have expended a large amount of your energy, you can call it back to you. It does NOT mean that you love them any less. I promise. 
  • What about your partner, family member, friend, neighbor? Did you have an argument or disagreement earlier, perhaps this is a place where your energy might be.
  • Your boss, coworker, or workplace may be quite demanding. Consider this as a place where you’ve dedicated a lot of energy, too. 
  • Have you had an interaction with someone in the parking lot at the grocery store or in the school pick up line? Time to disconnect from it!
  • Allow yourself to make note of what is brought to mind, observing from a distance if you can.

It’s time to call your energy back.

Visualize your energy returning to you.

  • Each thought or image that comes to mind, trust that this is a location of your energy, and ask it, out loud or in your mind, to return to your body. Imagine all of your energy returning to you from places parallel, past, present and future. Inhale and exhale slowly as you imagine and feel that energy returning to you.
  • Visualize your energy as a golden stream of light, flowing back into your body.
  • One way to visualize this is to think of a CUL DE SAC of houses with the LIGHTS ON, and cords stretching from you to the houses, as you pull each cord in, the light in the matching house goes out. Go around the circle, and visualize the cords pulling back and lights shutting off one by one. Each house symbolizes a person or situation that came to mind. 
  • Choose your center point (I use my heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra areas) and imagine it returning to that place. Imagine your energy flowing in through your nose as you breathe in, and resting within your stomach, your physical center.
  • As your energy continues to flow in, imagine a glowing ball of light growing within you. As the ball of light gets larger and larger, eventually extending into your aura, filling your aura beyond your physical body, less and less of your energy returns out in time and space.
  • Continue until your energy is returned and the stream of light, external to you, has faded.
  • Thank the Divine for bringing the awareness to you, and for helping you identify and call back your energy. 

That’s it!

By performing this exercise even on days where you are just really tired, can help you to feel restored, give you a sense of vitality and alertness and help you feel refreshed and back to neutral. I have done this before bed too! It helps me feel more relaxed, renewed and ready for the next day! 

Love, Amanda Rae

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