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Get back to your natural state of being!

Our natural state of being refers to the way we were before our conditioning changed us, labeled us, and confined us to new ways of thinking, feeling, acting, and being.

It is who we are - deep in our SOUL.

It’s about rekindling our instincts – that inner connection, knowing of who to trust, what is right and wrong, where to go next, when to rest, pause, run, or hold strong. It’s a way of connected, authentic living. 

In the chaos of our fast-paced and overstimulated culture, I see the need now more than ever, for people to rewild.

Rewilding is

the process of undoing unhealthy modern conditioning and rekindling our connection to Creator, therefore, unearthing a truer, wilder, more holistic way of life that centers nature and spiritual living!

Soul Rewilding

This group focuses on helping you bring out your natural or untamed state of being by revealing and reconnecting to that which may have been forgotten. We ALL have intuitive abilities. Are you ready to re-awaken yours?

When we become separated from:

  • the things we love
  • the things that make us feel alive
  • the things that nourish us

Our authentic self becomes hidden.

  • Our intuition and creativity become stifled.
  • Our primal human instincts go unused.
  • We are told to “be true to who you are” but then questioned or shunned when we do. 
  • We become so disconnected from our body.
  • Our soul becomes restless
  • We begin to do what others think should do.
  • We begin to think how we are told to think- therefore not really thinking at all! 
  • We begin to act and BE someone other than our authentic selves. 

Each of these restrictions fulfill someone else's ideas or desires about who we should be and what role we play in the world. 

This form of taming causes us to feel depleted, unseen, disconnected, and highly vulnerable.

Most commonly, it comes in the form of: 

the wrong jobs, 

the wrong relationships

 the wrong ventures


This creates lifestyles that only perpetuate our taming – a route nowhere in the vicinity of our soul truth, our wild self, our true north


We quickly forget that in order for nature to thrive, it needs earth, air, wind, water, fire and sustenance.  

WE are part of nature.

These enable us feel grounded, alive, free, cleansed, renewed, and nourished! Why don’t we incorporate these things into our daily lives?


What is included in the Soul ReWilding Circle?

  • Small group teachings & coaching with Amanda.
  • Spiritual education (learn in depth about topics including chakras, energy healing, psychic ability, mediumship, etc.)
  • Group practice time! A FUN and SAFE space to flex your intuitive muscles!  
  • Supplemental Plant Medicine with herbs to help support your spiritual healing, growth and development!
  • Meeting other like minded people that share similar experiences! 
  • The freedom to talk about “weird things” with others that have similar experiences without judgement! 

**Meetings are held in NE Ohio! Email me for exact location information!

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Access to Amanda all month long!

Feeling stuck? Reach out to Amanda for guidance on how to better integrate class content!

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Exclusive SR Coaching Sessions for Members Only

Access to deeply discounted and personalized coaching sessions to help you get "unstuck." (These sessions are NOT offered to the public) The discount from this offer alone will more then pay for the monthly membership investment!!

Bonus Meetings and Other Goodies

Guest speakers, additional practice sessions , discounts on services and more!

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