Soul ReWilding 

10-12-21 Session Notes


  1. Guidelines & Tools
  2. Open sacred space
  3. Meditation
  4. Zenner Card warm up
  5. Oracle Cards 
  6. Close sacred space, thanks and gratitude to Spirit, call back energy

Open Your Sacred Space 

  1. Take a few calming breaths and focus on being present in the moment.
  2. Connect to your higher power
  3. Set intention 
  4. Invite guides, ancestors, spirit helpers, angels etc. 

Tip: You can say whatever feel right to you in the moment. Be sure to state your intention and call only upon helping spirits with the highest connection to the creator, and those who will support and serve your highest good in this moment. You can say the same invitation each time or switch it up each time. 

  1. Take a moment to sit in the energy, see if you can feel, sense or know that they are stepping forward. 
  2. Take note of how you experience this
  3. Share any thanks or gratitude for them showing up to support you. 


This is a light meditation we practiced in group. Remember it doesn’t have to bliss us all the way outta this dimension. It is just to help us gain focus and anchor us into our body. 

  1. Take a slow deep long breath- filling your belly then chest
  2. As you release the breath, feel yourself anker into the ground/chair that you’re resting on
  3. Repeat 3 times
  4. Listen outside your body – pick one sound and listen until you are able to drown out all other sounds. Feel or sense a pattern or vibration of that sound. Feel your body relax as you connect to the sound. This brings you to the now moment.
  5. Now bring your awareness to the inside of your body. Listen for your breath, focus on your heartbeat or pulse. Feel or sense the life force energy moving through your body. This is the resting place of your soul. Connect with your own body’s rhythm. You are safe here. 
  6. Take 3 more breaths, slow and intentional. Upon the last outbreath, open your eyes. 
  7. You are now anchored into your body, feeling grounded and connected- in receiver mode. 

Zenner Card Exercise 

Thrifty Tip: you can make your own! Just use regular note cards and draw 5 different shapes. Make each shape a different color. Or you can use playing cards with red and black, seeing what clues you get that help you identify the color, number or suit. 

  1. Lay 4-5 cards face down in a row.
  2. Focus on one card at a time. You can place your hand over the card or put it up to your chest if that helps. Do not look at the front of the card.
  3. Pick up your pen and notebook
  4. Make sure to write down the first thing that comes to mind.
  5. Do not judge anything – you might be shocked at what came in that gave you some clues when you’re finished! 
  6. You can take as much time as you would like. (We timed it in practice for daylight sake)
  7. Lean into the cards energy.
  8. What is being presented to you? Is there a:
    1. Color
    2. Shape
    3. Sound
    4. Word
    5. Feeling in your body
    6. Perhaps it is a hint in the form of a memory, song or experience?
  9. Repeat the process for each card. 
  10. When finished, flip over one card at a time.
  11. Check your list. Circle what you got right.
  12. Make notes of how the accurate info presented, how it felt, etc so that you can begin to notice how that feels. Over time you will gain confidence and become familiar with that feeling. 

Oracle Card Exercise – Reading for yourself

  1. Think of a question or state your intention 
  2. Shuffle cards
  3. Pull a card (however feels right for you- feel free to try new ways)
  4. Remember spirit is here, wanting to connect with you.
  5. Glance at the card
    1. What sticks out at you the most?
    2. How does this card make you feel?
    3. Are you drawn to a certain area, color, symbol?
    4. Review your notes and see if you can pull together a sentence or 2 that would sum up the message with the info you received.
    5. Consult the book- take notes of words, phrases that hit home with you. 
    6. Summarize the message using what you drew intuitively from the card with the message from the book. 
    7. Write this in your notes. 
    8. At the end of the reading, make notes about what matched the books interpretation with your own

Body Dowsing

Tip: Use this for simple Yes or No questions- anytime. Even helpful for asking your body if it needs certain foods, etc. Experiment and see how much our body is willing to communicate with us if we allow it a chance to speak!! 

  1. Be sure to “re-calibrate” each time by making sure the Yes is still the same and the No is still the same. Just to be sure. Re-calibrate before you start each time. 
  2. Ask your body what your NO is.
  3. Ask your body what your YES is.
  4. Go ahead and ask your yes or no question.
  5. You may ask simple questions too, so that you know the answer. For example: My name is… you may start to hear or see the word YES NO  before your body moves. 

Closing Sacred Space

  1. Thank your higher power, spirit team, guides, ancestors for coming to support you.
  2. Share gratitude and thanks.
  3. Call your energy back and release what is not yours.
  4. Close session

(You can create any rituals to include opening and closing your spaces. We will talk more in depth about this in November! )

Homework & Private Practice


Practice meditation at least 3-5 times a week. Set yourself up for success and start slow with short meditations. Choose guided imagery or guided breathwork to follow along. This will help keep your “ego/ monkey mind” focused so that you can relax. If you find yourself with wandering thoughts, simply bring your focus back to the meditation. Remember this is a new muscle you are working out. Nobody can go lift a 500 pound dumbbell on their first day at the gym!


Take notes after your meditation and create a short journal entry.. How did you feel before, during and after meditating? What did you experience? What did you hear? What did you see? What did you feel? Did you receive any guidance or messages? Write anything you can recall down.


Do card pulls for yourself using the steps above- like we did in class. The more you practice, the better you will be at learning which way your intuition connects with you the strongest. It will become easier to trust the info you get when you can feel the difference. The only way to get more confident in how your internal system works is through play and experiencing it for yourself.

If you get stuck, or have questions- reach out!