Clairsentience- Clear Feeling

By Amanda Rae

Clairsentience - The home of the "gut feeling"

By definition-  Clairsentience is the ability to receive psychic impressions through feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.

Being an empath (feeling the emotions of others) is connected to clairsentience. It simply means ‘clear feeling’ – simply put, it’s the ability to clearly feel energy. On a deeper level, it is the ability to perceive what is not perceivable. It means having the ability to feel things as well as one can see them, especially the things that are hidden from plain sight.

The masters of this ability are children! They use this sense more than any other,  feeling with their whole heart, with their whole body and with their whole being. It is not something we are taught to do but something that just is.  We do not question this ability until we begin to realise that the majority of the adults in the world are not using this sense, in actuality, they seem to be completely ignoring it.

If you or others have described you as “emotional”, or you wonder why you can’t forget about the sad puppy commercials on tv, or why you have never been able to stomach watching the news.. at least without tissues, then chances are you may be clairsentient.

Someone with clairsentient abilities is able to pick up on the emotions of others. For this reason, it can be very draining to be in large groups of people. It is all based on being receptive to changes in energy around others. This is very useful when reading people.

Clairsentients are often described as over-sensitive in their daily lives. They are able to sense a change in energy around others – by just walking into a room, they will be able to pick up that something serious just went down. They feel the emotions of others very strongly and have incredible instincts about situations and people. 

Here’s the good news! Now that you know what it is and can make that connection to your past experiences, you can begin to understand how this ability can help you.  You can learn to develop it in order to access your intuition at any time! 

First, let’s talk about how it feels to experience this ability.

I will be honest, it doesn’t always feel good. Clairsentience is however, just like any other psychic ability. You can learn to control it so you can move past the not- so- good- feels. The key is in how you respond to the information that you are intuitively picking up on. Once you do this, you won’t feel so anxious or drained and you will be able to help yourself and others around you. 


Ways to Feel with Clairsentience


One of the most common ways to receive clairsentient information is through your emotions. For example, a  clairsentient child may feel the anxiety from a classmate who has a giant math test later. Or perhaps it’s a coworker that has a medical procedure coming up that they are nervous about. It could even be the person pumping gas next to you that is nervous about the road trip they are about to take. 

There is a difference between Empathy and being Empathic. While someone without clairsentience may walk past a homeless person and think, “That’s so sad,” a clairsentient person may actually feel the person’s hurt or pain emotionally and/or physically.


Another way you can experience clairsentience is through physical sensations. For example, when I worked in the salon, I could feel the aches and pains of my clients. From sore knees, to back surgery pain, migraines or sinus pressure. As they talked to me, I would start feeling these sensations in my own body. Have you ever picked up on a family members headache? Or a friends sprained ankle? This is the physical way clairsentience works. It does not mean that you actually have a headache, it will be more of a light twinge, tingle, or tight sensation.


Traits of a Clairsentient

A clairsentient is a gentle soul and a great listener. They are not attention seekers and many would prefer to be wallflowers. They like to blend into the scene at most social situations and gatherings. They observe.  They would rather just watch then to be watched.  They are often quiet and deep souls.

Clairsentients are naturally great at understanding human behavior. They get people without having to know them or spend a great deal of time interacting with them. They  instantly understand why someone acts the way that they do and equally understand why you can’t tolerate it. They can get to the core of every situation and find out what lies behind even the deepest of issues. They have keen insight when speaking directly with the heart. They are incomparable by design, deep and emotional creatures who experience life through feeling. 

Anxiety might be a real issue for a clairsentient. Often times, these individuals ( children and adults) struggle with feelings of anxiousness that, if left unmanaged will affect their quality of life. It can be overwhelming to pick up on the emotional and physical state of others, as well as the energetic make up of spaces. Especially when they aren’t aware that this is even possible. They do not understand that what they are doing is different from anyone else because they have been this way their entire life.  For this reason, I suggest working with a trusted intuitive coach that can help you understand and manage your psychic abilities. 


Amanda Rae

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