Claircognizance- Clear Knowing

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Claircognizance- Clear Knowing

By Amanda Rae

Do you ever just KNOW something? You don't know how or why you know, but you just KNOW it to be true?

Claircognizance is the gift of clear knowing. It is when information seems to just come to mind suddenly without logic, any prior facts, without reasons or prompts. It is a certain and strong knowing that leaves no room for doubt. 

Signs you are Claircognizant:

1. You have a sense of inner knowing when something might not be right, despite the fact that everything looks good on the surface

2. You can read people easily and your initial thoughts turn out to be spot on over time

3. You can tell when someone is lying-despite all looks well on the outside

4. When you or your family members misplace an object, you suddenly know where it is without knowing that it was there previously

5. You tend to know what people are going to say before they say it

6. You love learning! You soak up knowledge like sponge and you seem to be a collector of knowledge

7. You are more of a left brain person and prefer things to be orderly and logical

8. You can work on a project and seem to know how it all goes together, often without consulting the instructions or the manual 

Claircognazance was one of the trickiest clairs for me to wrap my head around at first. I had a hard time telling what thoughts were mine. I second guessed a lot. I eventually learned it is like a download of information without actually pressing the download button. So if it didn’t make sense to me based on my surroundings, that information was coming in through my claircognizance, and I needed to trust that. 

I was doing some journaling one day, it just hit me! My very own Mom is super claircognizant! She always had the ability to know… without knowing. I just thought it was some crazy mom skill that developed from having children. Its like that “eye in the back of her head” she always told me about…except it wasn’t really an eye after all.  She always knew what I was up to, even when I wasn’t home. I could never figure out HOW she did it. She would just have an inner knowing that was strong enough to guide her right to the facts. I am pretty sure I got caught with every single thing I ever did wrong. Now I understand, she is one highly gifted claircognizant mama! I never stood a chance with getting away with anything! Ha

Claircognizant information comes in the form of little insights that happen in that moment or sudden ideas that come to mind at just the right time. Information registers mentally in our thoughts, followed by the strong knowing sense that it is true. It doesn’t come to us through the heart, the gut, or the minds eye. There is not one single logical or physical evidence to point to it. It only registers only through the mind. It can be a tricky clair to understand. Especially because that clear knowing often comes so natural that we don’t even notice what it is when it happens. This is something that we are all born with. Each one of us at some point has had a sudden knowing that has prompted a reaction from us. That information, guidance or knowledge seems to just pour into our awareness without any warning. (There could be an accompanying clair that steps into aid us, but we are strictly just talking about claircognizance today.)

People that experience this gift are often quite logical, and tend to receive information through ideas that are inspontaiously creative in nature. They enjoy finding solutions using their creativity.

“Claircognizance is the ability to know without trying. “

-Lada Ray

My husband and I both experienced a claircognizant moment this past weekend. The weather was amazing so after a long day of yard work we decided to sit out front and admire our work and watch the kids ride their bikes in the driveway.  We live in a quiet neighborhood with a lot of families and people of all ages. Lots of people walk by every day. As we sat there talking, there was a gentleman that walked by. His appearance was nothing out of the ordinary. He was wearing a ball hat, hooded sweatshirt, nice shorts and athletic shoes. He was leisurely walking, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. He even said hello to the neighbor across the street. However, he caught my eye and I immediately looked for both of my kids, then looked at my husband. He did not take his eye off that person until he was out of sight. I watched him watch the man. When he broke his stare and looked at me, he said ” something is off about him.” I sat up straight and said “I got that too!”  

I had no physical evidence but the strong knowing that he was up to something. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t second guess my intuition based upon his looks, just for a few seconds. I was told this is because people who experience this gift tend to be more logical thinkers. That’s what trips us up into not following our intuitive guidance that comes in at lightning speed. The knowing did not match the physical evidence. My husband however, did not second guess himself for one second. And he was right! 

About 15 minutes later, a police car pulled up and asked if anyone had seen a guy who fit that exact description. The neighbor pointed him in the direction he was headed, and the police were able to find him.

I didn’t find out why they were looking for him but it was clear that both my husband and I were correct in our clear knowing that something was off.

At first it may seem like coincidences (if you believe in those) but if they are happening to you often, you may want to start a journal and take note of each situation. Write down how you felt when that clear knowing information came in. How did it feel? What were the details of the situation, and how did you make the connection? What was the result or outcome? By journaling your experiences, it will help you connect more to your ability and help you sharpen your gift. 

 The more you open yourself up to the awareness of it, the more you will experience it. 


Amanda Rae

Do you have an experience using your claircognizance that you would like to share? I would love to hear it! Feel free to post it in the comments section below or head to my Facebook page and share it there! 

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