Clairalience at the Chiro: A Personal Story

By Amanda Rae

I have scoliosis and have learned that it makes a huge difference when I commit to my chiropractic appointments.

During my visits, I had become friends with my doctor and that resulted in me helping her out in her office when she was in a pinch! Here’s the scoop on what happened!
I was excited to help out at my chiropractor’s office one sunny Friday in March. I was there to greet everyone as they arrived and prep each room for her next patient. Everyone was so pleasant and I could tell how much her clients adored her, and she her clients.

Quick note on how chiropractic care works:

Before the chiropractic adjustment, your nervous system most likely is weakened from misalignments in your spine. Not only can that interrupt the nervous system, it can cause a number of health problems from migraines to constipation.
During a chiropractic adjustment, the joints are realigned and toxins are released. The toxin release helps to cleanse and cure the body.
When the block is cleared, the nervous system’s energy flow is working to get back up to its ideal levels. Your spine is in alignment, resulting in less pain, stiffness and many other discomforts.
When she finished with each patient, I’d pop in each room and give it a good wipe down, making it squeaky clean for the next patent. It wasn’t long before I noticed upon entering each room that there was a light smell – one I couldn’t put my finger on. At first I thought perhaps it was the smell of food from someone’s clothes, like when you have food in a crockpot or when you go to a restaurant and leave with the lingering smell of food on your clothes. I couldn’t place the smell, and honestly thought nothing of it.
That was until about the third and fourth room. Every time I walked in, I could smell a faint unidentifiable smell. I lifted my mask, and of course checked my breath! Nope, thankful it wasn’t my breath, I reached for the sanitizer spray. It wasn’t that rather. The trash cans were empty and there was not a single place for a scent to hide. I was stumped, nobody else seemed to notice it, so I tried to ignore it.
Later that afternoon, I just couldn’t take the mystery anymore and decided to ask the Doctor. She is well aware of my intuitive abilities, although if I’m honest, I rejected my original thought after the first client.
She was just as surprised to hear about my experience as I was, however she immediately responded with “I bet you’re able to pick up on the toxins that are being released!” ( Note: Clair-alience means “Clear- Smelling.) We just looked at each other for a moment while that thought processed. I wasn’t expecting her to say that, haha! 
She then explained how it worked, and that is the only thing we could pinpoint since it happened in each of the rooms. Although it made sense, I still wasn’t 100% convinced. Could I really be picking up on the energetic smell of the toxins that were being released? But just to be sure that energy didn’t stick around, I started clearing the rooms energetically as I wiped down the surfaces between each client. It’s just as important to be energetically clean as it is to be clear of any germs.
After a few hours passed, we were behind the desk and alone in the office. I mentioned that the room I just sanitized did not have a smell. Her eyes widened and she said “The patient who just left was so tight that we really couldn’t get her adjusted today!” At that moment- we were both believers!
She was concerned that since the toxins released were evidential enough to lead us to a conclusion, she wanted to make sure that the energy was cleared out as well. I was so excited that she felt the same way! I agreed to help with providing energy clearing sprays for her office. My mixtures are intuitively created using the medicine of plants so I’m sure Spirit will get the recipe just right.
I am humbled. Having this experience with her was powerful for me. I realized I have another tool in my spiritual toolbox, and it’s one more way to connect with spirit.
I begin each day asking God to provide me with ways to be of service to those who could benefit from the gifts I’ve been given. I think it’s awesome to have healthcare providers who believe there is more then what meets the eye. She is an incredible doctor and I’m excited for other opportunities ahead!

P.S.- I am going to follow up with another blog post that goes deeper into the workings of energy, so keep an eye out for part 2! And if you want to know more about the Clair-abilities, check out the linked posts below! Enjoy! 

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