Challenging our Challenges

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Challenging our Challenges

By Amanda Rae

Challenging our Challenges

Confidence comes from doing the very thing that brings resistance. My resistance was in speaking my truth and letting people get to know my true authentic self.

It forced me to see that the only thing that held me back was in fact, me.

Boy is that an ugly truth.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when you realize that YOU are what’s holding you back. Our ego mind will take that opportunity to jump right in and try to pacify those feelings. And that’s the only job of our ego- to keep us safe. Ego will tell us that others may be to blame, or share at least in some of the responsibility. But that’s not always the case. Others may have played a part, but chances are, we have the ability to take a situation and work for a different outcome.

So..what if we challenge what’s challenging us?

When you allow yourself to get vulnerable with your thoughts, fears and emotions, and meet yourself with compassion, it gives you the opportunity to see through the muck and unveil truth.

For me, that challenge was stripping away all the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that came from other people’s opinions, truths and beliefs. That left me with just …me. 

-My Truth

-My beliefs
-My experience
-My life

I realized that if I didn’t like the feeling of what I was experiencing, I could choose to move in another direction. I could choose.

Because —free will.
Because what doesn’t “feel good” isn’t there to cause us misery, pain or feelings of unworthiness. Nope, not at all. 

It was Divinely designed. It’s there to bring it to our awareness, bring it to our attention. It is begging to be addressed, healed, changed or transformed.

It’s there for us to ask –

Why do I feel this way?

What is this trying to tell me?

When you realize what it feels like to be in true alignment with the Divine and that the only person you need approval from is yourself, you will most likely feel-


I challenge you to think of a point of resistance in your life.

-What is it that you are avoiding?

-What do you refuse to acknowledge?

-What do you resist the most?

Then ask yourself why.

-Why am I avoiding this?

-Why do I refuse to acknowledge it?

This is a great opportunity to do some journaling. Allow yourself the space to unpack.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are fearless. The vulnerable feelings don’t exist.

Spend some time daydreaming. Where you could go? Who you would talk to? What would you say or do? What happens next?

Marinate in those feelings of healdness, joy, freedom, strength, courage and confidence. Let the peace wash over you. Really get into detail about what it is that you truly want that would set you up for success.

What small steps could you take today that would allow you to move forward in that direction? Starting small is perfect. It is movement. It is what was needed- hence bringing you to these feelings in the first place.

Be gentle, but keep doing it. Over time those small steps add up to a bigger distance. Over time, you will see yourself change and grow. One week, one month, one year at a time.

One day you will be able to look at what you resisted the most and know that it was placed in your life to bring changes that needed to happen.

My challenge to you is to challenge your resistance. Instead of asking it why it’s here, ask what it is trying to teach you. And then take that first step.💜


Amanda Rae

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