Intergenerational trauma is when we experience the symptoms of someone else’s trauma — a family member who came before us.

From what I’ve learned, ancestral healing can be done in different modalities and have different approaches. Ranging from gathering knowledge around who your ancestors were and your family constellations, to working with mediums to help communicate with those in your family who have passed. I started with researching my family tree which led me to discover some interesting facts. From this point, I was show the bigger picture and things started clicking for me.

And in the short time I’ve been doing this work, the amount of life-altering information that came through was amazing.

I learned why certain behavior patterns are ingrained in me, how certain trauma from my ancestors still reflects itself in me, and how to heal some of these inter-generational issues. It connected dots for me that never made sense, or that had gone completely unnoticed. I started seeing the patterns, the connections between me and all the women who came before me. I also noticed some things that ran deep through males, particularly on my biological fathers side.

And now, I am getting the information I need to heal…

To be the one who finally BREAKS THE CHAIN.

“Pain travels through family lines until someone is ready to heal it in themselves. By going through the agony of healing you no longer pass the poison chalice onto the generations that follow.”

~ Unknown

Almost always, my clients are women who are ready to break free from the patterns of THEIR families — to stop repeating the same cycles and heal themselves — before they have their own children, or before they pass it along to them.

They show up ready to start the work — after hundreds of years of inherited trauma — of beginning a brand new chapter. They’re sick of old patterns coursing through the bloodlines of their family, and they’ve seen how destructive they can be.

They show up fully conscious and aware of these patterns. They show up ready to dig deep and make a change. It’s made me believe strongly that this generation of women  is here to heal the wounds our mothers, grandmothers, and all those beyond couldn’t. Not because they didn’t want to. But because, for the first time ever, women have the resources to do this work at their fingertips. We have access to therapy, spiritual healing, and education that not even our mothers had. Topics like this are becoming more talked about and accepted in society. We are the generation that can stop the trauma from going down into one more generation.

So, how can you start the work?

Begin simply, by making a family tree that includes everyone up until your grandparents (or great-grandparents and beyond if you have access to that information). Then, next to each person, write down any and all traumas they endured. This includes everything from being in a war, to being killed or dying young, to losing a child, experiencing any type of abuse or addiction, being in a accident or seriously ill. Anything that may have rocked their world, write it down.

Then just observe it all with a wide lens, from an eagle eye perspective. 

Is there patterns there? Does something keep repeating itself? Do you feel oddly linked to a female in the past, and have never been sure why? This simple exercise might give you the answer.

Intergenerational trauma is when we experience the symptoms of someone else’s trauma — a family member who came before us. It can be unexplained panic attacks or phobias or irrational fears. And until we do some digging, we can’t ever explain why we feel this way.

As you work on creating your family tree, see if anyone in your family might have experienced something similar to what you’re feeling. Maybe you have an unexplainable, deathly fear of water, but have never experienced anything traumatic relating to it. Check and see if anyone in your family has every drowned, or lost someone to drowning. Did someone have an accident in the water?

This work can apply to any symptom you feel doesn’t REALLY begin with you.

Remember, you are never locked into your family patterns. It will require steady, consistent work and facing hard truths, but you have the capacity to clear the old — and thus begin a new, healthier, more aligned way. 


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