Asking the Right Questions: How to get the most out of your psychic reading!

By Amanda Rae

Asking the right questions: How to get the most out of your psychic reading.

I made a previous post about the 2 questions to never ask a psychic, but wanted to follow up with some helpful tips and suggestions when thinking about REAL questions to ask.

Here’s a little secret!
It’s all in how you word it.

The Wrong Types Of Questions to Ask

If you’re thinking of booking a private session or working with an intuitive life coach,  you might find yourself pondering what questions to ask in order to gain clarity or direction about a specific area of your life. We all want to know what the future holds at some point, don’t we? If only it were that easy.

You might be asking yourself at this point, “How hard would that really be, Amanda?” It’s not that simple, let me explain.


Tip #1 Avoid Basic & Direct Questions

Basic questions usually get you right to an answer – a simple “Yes or No” answer. For example, when my kid asks to go hang out with his friends, it’s a simple yes or no answer that I give- and we all go from there.

Buuuut, it’s not a good idea to ask basic questions to an intuitive when looking for more information.

Keep in mind – Basic questions  = Basic Answers

Yes, it would be the easiest, fastest way to get directly to the answer. It would feel like that was it. However, the most basic and direct answer will leave out some very important and informative information! 



Tip #2 Avoid seeking reassurance  

Avoid asking questions that seek reassurance surrounding an event that is already subconsciously decided in your mind. “Will I find love soon?” and “Will I ever be confident in using my gifts?”  are good examples. There is a whole lot more that comes into pay surrounding the simple, reassuring answer that you were looking for. 

Hearing the answers might be exciting!  However, the answers will limit the scope of the situation and therefore may prevent you from exploring a deeper understanding and getting more useful information that could help you create the outcome you desire.

You may to think what you’re asking for has a simple answer and outcome. Unfortunately, 99% of the time- – it does not.

Intuitives are not here to tell you whether or not you should end a relationship, or if you should go ahead and make a big financial decision. Our job is to share helpful insight, which you can then use to steer your life in the right direction.

The Right Types of Questions to Ask

So what are the right questions to ask? Glad you’re still interested, let’s talk about it!!

You might want to start with open ended questions that leave room for you to be the creator of the outcome that you want!  The answers you get from these questions will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and a better view of the things to come! 


Here are some examples:

Instead of:  “What are the winning lottery numbers?”

Ask: “What do I need to do to achieve financial freedom?

Now we are able to dive into HOW you can get more financial freedom and WHAT steps you can take to make it happen. Insight surrounding the beliefs you hold about money might be something that comes up for us to discuss as well. By removing these beliefs, you are creating new avenues for more of what you want into your life!  

See what a difference that can make?!


Here’s more great examples of common questions:

Instead of: “When will I meet someone special?”

Ask: “How will I attract the right person?”


Instead of: “Should I quit my job?”

Ask: “What can I focus on to better my career and get the position/pay I want?”


Instead of: “Am I making the right decision about  ___?”

Ask: How can I feel more confident or supported in my path when it comes to ___?


See how much MORE information you can recieve when you really think about what it is that you want?

Asking if you should quit your job is indeed, a valid question- and most likely-  has a black and white answer.

But what about allllllll of the things that are currently standing in the way of you getting what you REALLY want- which is most likely a better position or bigger paycheck!? You can quit your job, but the rest of the stuff in between might come with you- – meaning the feelings that made you want something  else in the first place, might creep in there as well. 

Let me know if this was helpful in the comments! 



Amanda Rae

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