Once someone discovers that they are in fact, an empath, learning the science behind what is happening makes living with this much easier, often times turning it into a beautiful gift.

Before we get into it, I would like to say that each and every one of are different. No two people are exactly the same.

For starters, we were individually made, on purpose by our creator. Secondly, each of us has our own life path, experiences that have shaped us, and life lessons we have learned and grown from.

This life and our own unique journey has made us who we are. You came to this earth equipped with an intuition and connection to God, the Divine, Creator, Source Energy, Creator, Universe, etc.

That connection is always yours, and nobody can take that from you. Your own unique connection will look different from anyone else’s, so keep that in mind as you read this post. I will offer many different options and you may have all or just one or two, Use this as a starting point and do your research from there. Don’t forget to ask yourself and your higher power to lead you to the answers you are looking for. All we have to do is ask. 

The Sensitive Soul

Empaths notice they are more sensitive than their peers but often do not understand why. Some learn this during childhood, and some realize it later in life. I have not met one empath yet who has not been told to “stop being so sensitive” on more than one occasion. This leads them to feel their sensitivity is a flaw or that a part of them needs to be fixed. It can eventually make them emotionally disconnect, shut down around those who have made them uncomfortable  and refuse to connect to any emotion at all.This sensitivity shows up in many areas of their life. Big and small. They can be physically and emotionally sensitive to their environment. This means that what they absorb from their surroundings can present as as emotional or physical sensitivities. 

Many say they can’t watch scary movies or the news because they struggle with the intense emotions they experience from watching it. The emotions they feel are the same as if the situation directly involved them. Others seem to have many physical ailments, meeting with doctors to figure out what is wrong. They leave with a clean bill of health and often begin to wonder if they are hypochondriacs.

Empaths can go through life constantly wondering what’s wrong with them and how to fix it, without ever fully understanding what is really happening.

Empaths also have a higher chance of addiction, reaching to drugs or alcohol to help them mask emotional overwhelm. 

The difference between Empath, Sympathy and Empathy

An Empath is a person who feels exactly what others feel.

 Being an Empath is different then having empathy. When you have Empathy, it is the act of being familiar with what someone else is experiencing. Sympathy is trying to understand what someone is going through. All three words describe something totally different.

An empath literally feels what someone else feels on a deep level, even if they have never experienced it, or can not relate in any way to what the other person is going through. For them, it can literally feel as though it is happening or has happened to them.

These feelings are not only emotional, but can come about physically as well, taking on ailments, discomforts or pains that someone else is feeling. An empath can be physically fit and suddenly feel the deep ache in their knee from someone who is recovering from knee surgery. Or they can develop throbbing headaches if they know someone with frequent migraines. Sometimes the empath is not even aware of what is happening. They may have to lay down from excessive back pain when they are all alone in their living room only to discover a loved one miles away fell off a ladder.

Once someone discovers that they are, in fact, an empath, learning about the science of what is happening makes living with this much easier, often times turning it into a beautiful gift.

Energy, Vibration and Frequency

Everything in life is energy. Most go through life completely oblivious to these energies, or perhaps only feel them slightly. Empaths are extremely sensitive which increases their response to energy even if they are not aware of it.

When someone near you experiences an emotion, that emotion is an invisible energetic vibration. The level of emotion can affect how strong the vibrational frequency is. The average person, for the most part, would not be affected by this unless it was at a very high level. However, an empath would have a very strong reaction and, if not aware, can absorb this energy as their own. 

The closer one is, the more heightened the sensitivity to it. If someone at the park down the street stubbed their toe, an empath may have no idea. However, if their child did the same thing in the same location, the empath could be finely tuned (even without knowing) to their child’s energy that they could feel a minor pain in the same toe. Sometimes when this happens it can be so subtle, it can be easy to miss the connection- sometimes the connection is in hindsight. When an empath is fully aware how their own ability works, it is then that they are able to use this ability as intuitive insight. 

Did you know that dogs are sensitive and aware to energetic frequency? They can pick up on energy of their owners, even from a great distance. This can affect their behavior and give them insight about the owner’s actions at the precise time the owner makes a decision. For example, my dog knows when I am coming home before my car even turns onto my street. It has been witnessed by my family many times, even if they didn’t know I was coming home at that moment. 

Once you discover your ability and understand exactly what is occurring physically through energy, vibrations and frequencies, your gift becomes much easier to cope with and even more importantly, possible to control.

Love, Amanda Rae

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