Antique Energy: Stories of Second Hand Finds

By Amanda Rae

I love a good antique shop, garage sale, upcycled boutique filled with all kinds of amazing finds! Oh the possibilities!! But did you know that it's possible that your new treasure might have an energy of its own?

It’s becoming garage sale season here in Ohio! Along with the warm weather also comes day trips, shopping adventures and the notorious neighborhood garage sales. I started thinking about something; energy can come along with those second (third, or fourth) hand finds- and how many people are unaware that objects actually do hold energy, or an energetic vibration. I figured it would be fun to write about a couple of experiences we have had in the past. 

My first “real life” experience with this started about 10 years ago. One day, after dropping my oldest off at preschool, a friend and I met to check out a local antique shop. With my youngest in tow, we entered the building. 

Immediately upon entering, my 2 year old became uncomfortable. I thought perhaps he would be more content walking so I tried to setting him down so he could walk holding my hand, but he kept wanting back up so I carried him. 

As we worked our way further into the store, he began to literally crawl up my body like a monkey on a tree. He kept pointing to the back, but honestly, I was in antique heaven and just kept saying “yes, I see all the old stuff!” ( I cringe thinking that I did that to him as I write this.)

Eventually he became more upset and it was noticeable to both my friend and I that something was terribly wrong. With my final step to the back of the store, he grabbed my neck and squeezed as tight as he could and exclaimed “Please don’t go back there!!! There’s a bad lady!! She has a high pitched laugh, she was mad at me and now…she’s laughing at me!!!” 

Well upon hearing those words, all three of us exited with no intention of looking back. I am pretty sure that I held that boy football style as we booked it to the door! For years, every time we passed that shop, he would make me promise that we NEVER go back there, and that lady wanted us to leave.  I will say, although I didn’t see anything, my body could sense it. I felt a bit of apprehension but it made no sense to me at the moment. I was so used to shutting messages out by that point and I didn’t want it to stop my shopping opportunity. 

It is not uncommon to enter an antique shop or any place with second hand items really, and find all sorts of energy hanging around. Not all of it is negative energy. Not every shop will have a mean cackling woman who likes to guard her corner or items that were once hers. 

Which brings me to my next story…

Shortly after we moved into our new home, I was on the search for a buffet for my dining room. I had taken up the hobby of upcycling furniture and giving it new life, so I was searching for something old. A friend of mine has similar taste in furniture and just happened to have a few items in her garage that she had picked up. She offered it to me, and I fell in love at first sight. 

We brought it home and placed it into the garage so I could refinish it. The next morning, I stood in front of it with my cup of coffee, imagining what I was going to do. I set my coffee down and walked over to the buffet. I reached out and glided my hand across the wooden top. As I walked from one side to the other, suddenly I was looking into the face of an older woman.


I ran right into the house. Totally unable to call anyone who would understand, I googled where I could get some sage. So off to the local health food store I went. 

I knew what I saw, and I really wasn’t sure what to do, but I was determined to keep that buffet. I knew this was just one more way my intuitive abilities were opening up. Eventually I would have to admit it- out loud. 

After I returned home, I closed my garage door (at the time I cared if my neighbors thought I lost my mind) and set that smudge stick on fire. As I lit it, I started talking to her- the woman who had made herself known- out loud. I told her that I was in love with her buffet and wanted to give it life again. That I wanted it in my kitchen and it would be with my family as we ate many suppers together. I reassured her that I would take really good care of it and then thanked her for sharing it with me as I removed each drawer, surrounding it in the smoke. I made sure to do all  four sides, top, bottom, and inside the cabinets and drawer holes. I continued to share my intentions from my heart, and wanted her to be at peace with what was happening. When I was finished, I opened up my garage door. 

Each time I dust that beautiful buffet, my heart remembers her. I am thankful that she  allows me to find joy in what was once hers. To this day, she has not returned.

Buffet pictured above.  Apparently I forgot to take a before picture with all the excitement! 

There are many ways to energetically clear objects as well as your home. I have a short YouTube video on that topic if you’re interested in learning more.  You can find the link, HERE

Also, I find its worth noting, to pay attention to how you feel when you walk into places that hold lots of second hand items. My best friend and I often take trips to Berlin, Ohio to visit Amish Country. We have found some amazing shops that are off the beaten path. It’s always so interesting to see how different places make me feel, and how sometimes my intuition kicks in and I can pinpoint the object that holds that uncomfortable or notable energetic vibration. 

Everything is energy. Energy is all around us. Sure, I could share stories I have heard that entail spooky haunted objects of all kinds, but honestly, that’s not my jam. I won’t give my time nor attention to anything that doesn’t come from love when dealing with energy or entities. 

However, I do think cleansing the energy of objects that are new to you before you bring them into your home is a good habit to get into. That way you don’t have to experience anything of the sort, regardless if that object holds unwanted or unwelcome energy. 


Love, Amanda Rae


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