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It contains important information about meetings and what to bring as well as a few guidelines! 

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Guidelines & Helpful Tips

  1. Filter everything though your higher power/ loving energy. This includes:
    • Your actions
    • Your words
    • Your body language
    • Your response
    • Your spiritual journey
    • It is there to show you the shadow 
  2. Remember that your words and thoughts hold energy.
    •  be mindful of your inner and verbal dialogue. 
    • For example: Words like “I cant do this” I’m bad at this” and “I will never get it right”  will only add more energy to create it as true reality. 
    • Practice this inside and outside of group.
  3. This is a development group focusing on strengthening our connection to spirit and intuition as well as growing our trust in ourselves and our higher power to support us in all that we do. 
    • You can share experiences.
    •  You can share what you learned.
    • Please do not use this time for “emotional dumping.” If you have something weighing on your heart, please reach out to Amanda privately. 
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
    • The only “dumb” question is the one not asked! (That’s what my grandpa told me!)
    • If you have specific a question, chances are someone else probably does too! 
    • We learn SO MUCH during Q&A time! 
    • If you think of something outside of group, please drop it in our VOXER group chat! I will answer it there or share more about it in group! 
  5. There may be different views and beliefs shared during session.
    •  If someone says something that does not resonate with you, please release that and only keep what resonates. 
    • Respect others paths, opinions and views. 
    • Remember that we all have our own journey that is created specifically to our own souls lessons and needs.
  6. Meditation is vital in your spiritual growth and development. 
    • Insight Timer App – Free, and compatible for all phones. 
    • Earbuds/ earphones will help create a more successful experience in general- to block out background noise and distractions.
    • Binaural beats is a type of meditation technique that  helps to alter your brainwaves to help you relax- must use headphones or earbuds for best experience. 
    • Try starting with short, guided meditations
          1. Breathwork
          2. Visual journeys
          3. 2-5 min. To start- slowly add more time.
    • If your mind starts to travel, gently bring your awareness back to the meditation. Do this as many times as you need to. Do not get down on yourself if this happens. You are learning something new and working out muscles that have not been used often. 
    • If you have questions or need extra guidance, ask me for help! 
  7. ZOOM-  There will be a zoom link provided with any added details at the time of changed plans. Please check your email prior to the meeting time if you are not a subscriber with VOXER. I will send you the link via the email address you signed up with.
  8. Rescheduling – In case of illness or emergencies on my behalf, I will reschedule ASAP. 
  9. Absence – If you signed up but are unable to make it due to an emergency or sickness, please let me know before session. 
  10. Enjoy this experience and be open to experiencing new things. Relax and know that you are in a SAFE space with likeminded people. 
  11. If I am not able to support you in a specific area, I will help you find a reliable and ethical practitioner that can. I have many colleges locally as well as online and will happily share their contact information with you. (or if you prefer, I can reach out to them on your behalf. Whatever you are more comfortable with!)


FOR MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIBERS ONLY– Please keep an eye out for a separate email with more information regarding links to the SR Library, messaging app and more!



  1. 1 Notebook, pen – Designated to Soul ReWilding notes only
    • Make notes during class
    • Take notes & journal your experiences  outside of class during  your sacred practice time.
    • Track your growth (It’s cool to look back on at a later date to see areas of growth!
  2. Divination Tools – bring as many or as few as you would like. Intuitively select which ones to bring with you to session. You do NOT need to purchase or bring all of these. 
    • Oracle / Tarot cards
    • Pendulum
    • Dowsing rods
    • Drum
    • Singing bowls
    • Chimes, bells
    • Tuning forks
    • No ouija boards, spirit boxes, or paranormal equipment. (They do not help you connect with your intuition.)
  3. Water – Water is a conduit for energy! 
    • We use energy when we do spiritual work
    • Hydration is important to keep energy flowing through us

Soul ReWilding with Amanda Hill 


Please fill out the short contact form below. Keep an eye on your email for more information following the original confirmation email, especially the day before or of the meeting incase of any last minute announcements or changes.