8 Steps To Understand Spiritual Evidence


Step 1: Become Actively Aware of Your Environment (Within & Outside of you)

  • Train yourself to be aware of your environment, the things that are normal vs. not normal around you. Being aware is to be intentional, meaning you are open and ready on purpose- WITH purpose.  When we are aware of what is happening within ourselves and in our environment, we are truly being open.
  • When you notice something out of the ordinary, take action with step 2.

Step Two: Acknowledgement

  • Let Spirit know that you noticed! You can speak out loud and say something like, “Spirit, I just heard my name being called- sounded like it was coming from my right side.  ,” or “I saw that flash of sparkly light in the corner of the room.” Just as you would if a live person was trying to get your attention- or as you would respond to a medical professional testing your hearing or vision. 
  • Calmly state specifically what you noticed. 
Step Three: Gratitude
  • Thank Spirit for attempting to connect with you! This is so important! Even if you don’t yet understand what Spirit is trying to share with you, the energy of gratitude will help to reveal the meaning of the evidence and connect you more strongly with Spirit. The more you feel this feeling, the more Spirit will respond with the same.  
  • Remember, it’s best not to put a time limit on Spirit or have a set of expectations for them to meet. Doing so may result in missing what is being shared- causing you unnecessary frustration. 


Step Four: Ask Questions

  • Ask what it represents or means. Hearing a tone is good, but if we don’t know if it means we are receiving a download or if it’s the beautiful song of an angel’s presence, it won’t help us to understand if we don’t ask. 
  • Remember, “Ask, and it is given.” You can also do this out loud, for example, “I just heard my name called, who is there? What would you like me to know? What are you trying to tell me? I am here and listening.”


Step Five: Wait For The Answer

  • After asking for clarification, make sure to wait for the answer. Stay in the area of the evidence for a few moments and wait for Spirit to answer you. Be patient and resume the active awareness in step 1.
  • Lower vibrational energies (earthbounds, etc.) may not answer or know how to answer. However, if Spirit is giving you a sign for guidance, helping you build your psychic vocabulary or  supporting you, they WILL answer. 


Step Six: Drop Your Expectation

  • Be open to Spirit answering you in new and unusual ways. This is a BIG key when it comes to understanding not only how spirit communicates, but how your own intuitive abilities operate.  While it would be exciting to hear a clear voice saying, ” We are presenting you with this opportunity!” This rarely happens.
  • Again- pay attention to your environment. Take note of images that pop into your mind’s eye, feelings and sensations, sounds, automatic knowledge. In that moment and for the rest of the day, pay attention to patterns, synchronicities, numbers and any other signs. Spirit often speaks to us in many ways. If you have any question about a sign, always ask for clarity or confirmation. 


Step Seven: Document Everything

  • If you are in fact serious about learning, get a journal.
  • In your journal, document the phenomenon that occurred; when and where, what it was, and how you responded to it.
  • If an answer or an impression followed, document this too.
  • The act of detailing the encounter through writing promotes further encounters to take place and shows Spirit you really are paying attention and they are free to give you more evidence.
  • Think of it as getting to know someone that is special to you, making an effort to learn more about them. Same principles apply here.
  • You are building a relationship to the phenomenon. 


Step Eight: Listen to Their Instruction

  • If the evidence is attached to a message, and the message feels good (that is, it feels high vibration and in alignment with your divine nature), listen to it. Listening and acting upon divine inspiration and instruction is also the key to receiving more of it. 
  • Your action in response to their instruction will send out the signal that the message was received– therefore strengthening that particular channel for Spirit to access the next time.