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My name is Amanda Rae. I am an Intuitive Channel, Medium, Energy Healer, Coach and Teacher.  I connect with the Divine to bring you messages with love, clarity, healing and inspiration.  I work with Spirit to illuminate energetic blocks or areas that need to be healed and released.  My mission is to help you align to your own souls truth to further facilitate your healing and transformation. 

Clarity leads to JOY!

My Offerings

Intuitive Guidence

Gain a deeper understanding, become aware of what is beneath the surface, so that you can move forward in your journey with more clarity and inspiration.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Intuitive Coaching

Become more aware of your connection to the Divine and  gain confidence and clarity in yourself and your own intuitive abilities. 

Essential Oil Workshops

Learn how to use your own Essential Oil collection to support, inhance and heal your body in a spiritual, emotional, and physical way. 

Psychic Kids Network

Psychic Kids Network is a place psychic kids, their parents and families to come together and see how possible it truly is to live everyday life in harmony with psychic, intuitive and sensitive abilities! 

Join Amanda Rae and many others as she teaches classes, holds parent meetings, offers fun ideas and lots of support to those who find themselves seeking answers!

Be Inspired..

A Channeled Heart Blog

My goal is to help you become more comfortable being your true authentic self! I have found that through talking with people and sharing my story, it helps them identify and connect to their own spiritual abilities and metaphysical experiences. I am not a professional blogger, but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts, stories and experiences with you! 

Spiritual Growth
Amanda Rae

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

Clairsentience- Clear Feeling By Amanda Rae Clairsentience – The home of the “gut feeling” By definition-  Clairsentience is the ability to receive psychic impressions through feelings, emotions, or physical sensations. Being an empath (feeling

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Spiritual Growth
Amanda Rae

The Divine Design of a Dream

The Divine Design of a Dream Realizing my hearts true desire By: Amanda Rae This post is directly from my journal where I recorded my meditation on May 14, 2020. I don’t usually share

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I have a deep compassion for helping people find healing and joy! I love working with my clients, co-creating with God and Spirit to bring messages that heal, give hope and inspiration to those who are open to receive!

Amanda Rae

Golden Heart Healing


Charmed Life Podcast

with Tricia Carr

Amanda and Tricia discuss making the transition to a spiritually focused career, ancestral healing and psychic kids, on this episode of the Charmed Life Podcast with Tricia Carr.

Megan's Mystical Mashup

with Megan Rounds

Join Megan and Amanda as Amanda shares key parts of her spiritual journey and how they’ve inspired her towards the person she is today