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Welcome to my little corner of the universe!

My name is Amanda Rae. I am an Intuitive Channel, Medium, Energy Healer, Coach and Teacher. I work with Spirit to illuminate energetic blocks or areas that need to be healed and released.  My mission is to help you align to your souls truth to facilitate connection, healing and transformation.

Heal and Empower your Body, Mind and Soul!



My purpose is to help you refine and align with your authentic self! I help support you on your journey by offering intuitive sessions, personal coaching, energy healing and knowledge to help you become more empowered!


I share my story on ‘my spiritual journey’ page if you want to know more about me!  I also share a TON in my blog, A Channeled Heart! Be sure to check that out, too! 




Everything I offer is created with you in mind.

Clarity & Connection

Private sessions offered virtually and in person

Reset, Renew & Refresh

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems (emotional, physical and spiritual) to remove blocks and relieve stress. These sessions are deeply relaxing and assist the body’s ability to heal itself. 

Embrace Your Gifts

Become more aware of your connection to the Divine and  gain confidence in yourself and your intuitive abilities through private coaching as well as group workshops. 

Natural Healing

Learn how to use Essential Oils and Plant Medicine to support, inhance and heal your body in a spiritual, emotional and physical way. 

Psychic Kids Network!

Psychic Kids Network is a place psychic kids, their parents and families to come together and see how possible it truly is to live everyday life in harmony with psychic, intuitive and sensitive abilities! 

Join Amanda Rae and many others as she teaches classes, holds parent meetings, offers fun ideas and lots of support to those who find themselves seeking answers! 


A Channeled Heart

Want to become more comfortable being your authentic self? 

I do not consider myself a professional blogger, but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts, stories and experiences with you!

Check out A Channeled Heart for tons of free content!