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Experience the highest quality of Intuitive healing services for your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Welcome Sweet Soul !

Meet Amanda!

She is Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Channel. She offers a variety of services ranging from intuitive guidance, Reiki and Intuitive energy healing, mediumship, plant medicine and spiritual development and wellness coaching for children, teens and adults.

Amanda was a psychic child and later realized she was parenting psychic children of her own. Seeing the need for more support and education for kiddos and their families, she founded Psychic Kids Network! Amanda works with parents and their children by helping them understand and grow their natural abilities, with confidence. She offers private sessions to help with individual needs.

All of her offerings are guided by spirit, and focus on the joy of healing for your mind, body and spirit! Her goal is to help you connect with confidence, clarity and inspiration on your personal journey!


Intuitive Guidance

For Clarity & Connection Meet with Amanda to gain insight or comfort with intuitive readings and mediumship sessions. Private sessions offered virtually and in person.

Energy HEaling & Reiki

To Reset, Renew & Refresh Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems (emotional, physical and spiritual) to remove blocks and relieve stress. These sessions are deeply relaxing and assist the body’s ability to heal itself.

Spiritual Coaching & Psychic Development

Are You Psychic? Develop your intuitive. psychic or mediumship abilities through online and in person classes. Or expand your abilities even further with private or group coaching.

Classes, Workshops & Events

Online and In Person events!! Ranging from Spiritual Support and Education to Plant Medicine! See what’s happening this month!

psychic kids network

Psychic Kids Network

Psychic Kids Network is a place psychic kids, their parents and families to come together and see how possible it truly is to live everyday life in harmony with psychic, intuitive and sensitive abilities! 

What Sets Amanda Apart From Other Practitioners?

Mind, Body & Soul Healing

Amanda uses ancient wisdom paired with holistic healing to help you achieve balance and clarity.

She offers a variety of services to help connect you with Spirit!

customer relationships

Many who work with Amanda are awakening their gifts and continue to work with her again and again developing a bond that is lasting unlike most intuitives, psychics and energy healers! Her services are designed to grow with you!

certified & experienced

Amanda is always expanding her knowledge and techniques to further her own spiritual growth as well as her clients! She is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a Certified Intuitive Reader, Certified Medium and can provide proof upon request!

Kids & Adults Welcome

Amanda is the founder of Psychic Kids Network. She works with all ages! No matter how young or old, it’s always a good time to get to know your authentic self!

from her clients


I highly recommend Amanda! She has the most authentic connection to the spirit realm. She knows her stuff!! I can’t wait to book again real soon!  

– Carrie


I was skeptical but my sister was right! You are indeed the real deal!! The validation you gave me has helped me begin to heal from losing my husband. Nobody knew about the necklace, and I found it in the box!!   

 – Sam


I am happy to report that my anxiety much less now that I understand how my abilities work! I can’t believe how much I learned! You are such a wonderful teacher. Thank you for helping others like me! 

– Judy


I felt a very strong pull to go to Amanda and I’m glad I followed through. My first experience was Reiki & Energy healing. She made me feel very comfortable, explained everything well on what was going to take place and how things work.
I received a lot of insight and she was spot on with my various issues.
She helped me recognize my spiritual gifts and helped me open the floodgates to explore what they are and begin to understand how they work. I felt amazing after the session, everything said during that session just helped confirm the path I feel led to go on.
I’ve also had an intuitive reading, oracle card class, and lunar sessions… All of which were amazing and her abilities and talents are just fantastic.
I’m looking forward to continue working with her as our energies seem to match well! I’m ready to learn more and explore my gifts and allow Amanda to help me along this journey!!

– Elizabeth

Online Full Moon Circle

Release & Reset!

Join Amanda online once a month for the full moon! Take inventory of what is holding you back, weighing you down or preventing you from living out your full potential during a meditation journey. Then release it during the sacred full moon ceremony! Followed by mini individual readings for each attendee. 

This is an awesome way to call in more of what you want out of this life! Spots fill up quick! Only 6 spots available each Month!  

Soul ReWilding

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Join Amanda and a group of like minded souls once a month for a fun yet intense spiritual development and training circle. Expand your understanding and connection to Spirit! Experience your unique soul gifts with clarity and feel more empowered in your daily life!

A Channeled Heart Blog

FREE education about your spiritual abilities, health and wellness!

Interested in FREE Education?

I do not consider myself a professional blogger, but I do enjoy sharing my thoughts, stories and experiences with you! Check out  A Channeled Heart Blog for tons of free content! 

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